The Rich, Complicated, Cancelled & Other News

The Rich, Complicated and Cancelled.

This fortnight, we look at the Met Gala, Billie Eilish, the James Charles cancel culture moment and an update on Belle Gibson.

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Watch: 15-year-old Billie Eilish was interviewed by Vanity Fair on October 18th, 2017.
She was interviewed again in 2018 on the same date and this video, answering the same questions and comparing her answers. Her Instagram grew from 257K to 6.3 million in this time and now she's playing at huge stadiums. I can't believe I didn't see this when it was uploaded last year. You can really see the toll this insane lifestyle has taken and I really do hope she has all of the support she needs. Watch on Youtube here.

If you're in a Royal Family mood after the birth of Archie, you might want to watch "Princess Margaret: The Rebel Royal" on iView. She was the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II and known as the original 'wild child' and a 'party princess' before Prince Harry came along.

I ended up caught up on Youtube and caught myself watching Jeffree Stars Pink Vault Closet Tour.

App: Clue - Period Tracker (Free)

Say hello to your reproductive health toolkit. Track your period dates, details of each cycle and other factors around how you're feeling and activity. I have used this for a while and it has picked up on patterns in my mood with it's learning algorithm! The app also provides a lot of in-depth info about your cycle and some hot tips too. Plus, they don't sell your data onto big companies yay (read here)! I would sign up with an email address rather than using a Facebook account just for safety in general.

Another App: Slowly (Free)
Old school pen-pal lovers, this app is for you. It's a slower way of communicating in the modern age. Make a simple profile, pick your interests and you're matched to others with similar interests to send long-form letters to. It's a bit hard to explain but it's definitely a different type of experience!

Podcast: The Uneasy Marriage of Social Media & Politics, with Alyssa Milano, host of Sorry Not Sorry - Girlboss Radio.
Alyssa is working on her own brand of activism. In the podcast, she talks about dangerous situations where political dialogue becomes circular on places like Twitter. Interesting listen!

Listen on Apple Podcasts

Another listen for the week: Understanding Gen-Z - BOF Voices

Blog: My Zara Autumn Wishlist
You might have noticed that over the last year I have been transitioning my wardrobe from black and white clothing to something more of a neutral palette. I have found that this allows me to wear my clothes more often and styled in a hundred more different ways.

Article: James Charles loses 2.6 million subscribers after falling out with fellow YouTuber Tati Westbrook
I almost didn't put this in my newsletter. We're in the middle of what many are calling the 'biggest downfall in youtube history'. After Dramageddonlast year, who knows what the outcome will be! I can't link a Youtube video to describe the latest beauty drama, I'm sure the latest one will come up with some searching!

Something interesting to also note, Tatis video was trending #1 but got pulled shortly afterwards. There are rumours that Youtube could be pulling some strings here.

Read this article on ABC News here.

Article: Belle Gibson questioned spending over failure to pay $410k fine for fake cancer claims

If you're not across this story, Belle made $420 million on social media after building an empire around 'The Whole Pantry' cookbook and app. She claimed that she cured her own brain cancer with her therapies and nutrition and then promoted them to others. It eventually came out that she never actually had brain cancer (wtf!!). Belle also lied about money, telling her followers that she had donated a huge amount of properties to charities.

Belle Gibson was supposed to pay a $410 million fine in October 2017 and hasn't been able to pay it. She's on welfare and there's suspicion around payments received from social media influencing and cryptocurrencies.
Read this article on ABC News.

Article: The Rich, Complicated, Sometimes-Campy Life of Susan Sontag, Met Gala Muse
Still thinking about the Met Gala? I loved this piece on Susan Sontag, the author of “Notes on Camp". Her work was the inspiration for the theme of 2019 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s latest exhibition. I enjoyed so many looks this year and I think Sontag should be celebrated for it. Here's a bit about her that's worth reading.

Read this article on Mumbrella here.

Youtube: Kim Kardashian West Gets Fitted for Her Waist-Snatching Met Gala Look | Vogue

Quick Note: Women With Cents Blog - I thought this might be helpful! I am about to move into an apartment with my partner and I'm going to read through all of this!

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