10 Instagrammers to follow under 10K - My favourites for August

Since my 10 Instagrammers to Follow Under 10K post from May this year was loved by so many of you, I've finally got around to doing one for August! I'm hoping to publish a post like this each month so you can find some new inspiration or be featured yourself! 

I've said before that I'm always looking for new inspiration for myself and discovering amazing accounts, even just through my comments sections on my own photos! It's a waste not to share these beautiful accounts.

From my last post:

Something that’s become so important to me recently is supporting others around me. A comment, a like or a DM can mean more to someone than you think. Comments are especially important on Instagram as the algorithm sees it as good engagement! This can determine whether the post is shown to more people or become buried and lost among the huge amount of content on the platform.

Happy 'gramming! 

And an 11th account just for good measure!