The App I Use to Create Instagram Stories


Instagram stories are the funnest way to be a bit creative without messing up your feed or worrying too much about going “off brand”, or alternatively using it to reinforce your brand. There is new apps for editing Instagram stories every single day and I was lucky enough to find this one a little while ago! I found it makes me think about how I’m sending things out there into the world and it’s become something I really love designing and putting together.

I hope that you’re finding my stories to be more engaging than the usual style? I love collaging multiple images together and creating a feel for an event or a brand. It’s a fun way to connect with you guys and pop up on the daily!


The number one app for Instagram Stories

I have been using the app Unfold to create my stories and I couldn’t recommend anything easier than this! The display is laid out in folders to begin with. I have a folder for just general stories, one for event specific stories and outfits and then below those, I have Paris and Italy albums from my trip last European Summer!

Inside these folders you’ll see all of the story 'tiles’ you’ve created. If you haven’t created any, press the + button at the bottom of the screen to start!

You’ll see a number of templates emerge from the bottom row. They’re fun to experiment to begin with but I think you’ll find a few favourites pretty quickly. I often stick to the same four or five templates. New template packs become available every now and then, I recommend that you have CS1, JN1, CS2 and CS3.

Don’t forget you can edit the fonts, flexibly move them around and use the star button in the bottom right hand corner to add extra text, change the background colour etc.

FF1 and DW1 are good too but can be pretty noticeable if you’re using them over and over again.

I hope you love this little gem as much as I do!

Download it on the App Store here.

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