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May 2019

Podcast: Confidence in your career with Lucy Allen by 21st Century Women
Lucy Allen is from the Graceful Collective and she talks about finding and growing your confidence in a career. I feel like I already knew a lot of the points she talked about but a gentle reminder is always helpful.

Podcast: #201 Emma Dabiri: Don't Touch My Hair by Ctrl Alt Delete

Podcast: The Uneasy Marriage of Social Media & Politics, with Alyssa Milano, host of Sorry Not Sorry - Girlboss Radio - Alyssa is working on her own brand of activism. In the podcast, she talks about dangerous situations where political dialogue becomes circular on places like Twitter. Interesting listen!

Podcast: Understanding Gen-Z - BOF Voices

Podcast: #187 Jameela Jamil: A Revolution Against Shame - I've recommended this podcast before but I loved Emma's discussion on shame with actress and activist, Jameela Jamil. They talk through the importance of loving yourself, dispelling shame, using her various platforms for good, the struggles marginalized people face, and everything around these topics. Listen on Apple Podcasts or Acast.

Podcast: Elle Ferguson | Founder of the Elle Effect by Gemma Watts from The Glow Journal.

April 2019

Podcast: #130 The Snapchat Thief - Reply All - This podcast really freaked me out. I knew it was easy to be hacked but I didn't know how much information could be accessed just through my phone number - something that I give out without a second thought. After listening to this podcast I used the website to delete so many accounts associated with some of my email addresses. When I'm finished using it, I'll delete that account too. You can never be to safe online and listening to this really opened my eyes! Check the episode notes for the steps to follow!

Song: Briggs’ new song ‘Life Is Incredible’.

March 2019

Podcast: Beck Wadworth for Offline by Alison Rice - She’s the founder of An Organised Life and an influencer I’ve always admired, Beck Wadworthshares her reality. I enjoy listening to how other women realistically start their own businesses from a side-hustle. Beck seems down to earth, very practical and humble while giving excellent and reasonable advice on the podcast. I wish Beck was able to tell a bit more of her story. Sometimes I feel as though Alison injects herself a bit much, but I guess that comes with the conversational aspect of this podcast. Find An Organised Life here.



Article: Alabama’s Abortion Ban Is Already Being Challenged in Court By Claire Lampen - This one is a bit complicated, but I've linked a podcast that really helped me understand this whole thing and why it's a huge legal battle, besides being absolutely unbelievable. Read this article on The Cut here.

Article: Fashion week disaster: Can MBFWA survive as the number of offsite shows continues to rise? - Fashion week feels like forever ago now but I found this story a little while ago and thought it was an interesting perspective. Bianca O'Neil recounts her experience at MBFWA this year and how it was a little odd this time around. The increase in offsite shows might have lead to a decrease in the quality of shows and the professional industry experts who attend them. Read this article on Fashion Journal by Bianca O'Neill.

Quick Note: If you were obsessed with the Olsen twins like I was, you'll relive a part of your childhood reading this article: Every Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Movie, Ranked by Surreality.

Article: The Rich, Complicated, Sometimes-Campy Life of Susan Sontag, Met Gala Muse - Still thinking about the Met Gala? I loved this piece on Susan Sontag, the author of “Notes on Camp". Her work was the inspiration for the theme of 2019 at the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s latest exhibition. I enjoyed so many looks this year and I think Sontag should be celebrated for it. Here's a bit about her that's worth reading. Read this article on Mumbrella here.

Quick Note: Women With Cents Blog - I thought this might be helpful! I am about to move into an apartment with my partner and I'm going to read through all of this!

Article: Fashion industry's carbon impact bigger than airline industry's - "The apparel and footwear industries together account for more than 8 per cent of global climate impact, greater than all international airline flights and maritime shipping trips combined."
A bit of info about the industry along with a few ways to help reduce your impact. Read this article on CBS News.

Blog: Nude by Nature 100% Natural Lip Collection Review - I haven't had a lot of time to write new reviews recently but I've noticed some people are still reading this one. I love a good lipstick and I often feel so incomplete without wearing one! If you're looking for a new lipstick, I think you'll like these.

Article: Don’t just throw money at hot influencers – get a strategy - This is one for people who work in the marketing/influencer space. As an audience, we're smarter than we ever have been. Our expectations from brands and influencers set the bar at a high level. Stop just throwing money at hot people and work on a strategy that actually benefits your brand and story. This article states that "the [influencer] industry is projected to exceed $8bn globally by 2020". I talked last week about the possibilities of the influencer bubble bursting, each week I change my mind about this weird topic. What do you think?

April 2019

Article: Dear Roxy Jacenko, you're wrong - Roxy has apparently called people who work in PR 'lazy and not committed to the job'. If anyones boss is saying that to them, change jobs! Your boss is horrid. This article is an interesting perspective on the Jacenko empire and how it works. Her expectations sound extremely high and almost unhealthy. Or is this just another controversial piece of PR?

Article: Will Success Spoil Diet Prada? - Diet Prada have been dubbed as the 'industry watchdog' of the fashion industry. They're the source of all fashion faux pas, rip offs and everything ethically wrong with the designers we know and love (or hate!) I follow them and I have seen the effects caused by the call out culture on their Instagram account. It's hectic. This article is a great look at what is going on with Diet Prada, it's success and it's downfall. Who watches the watchdog?

Quick Note: Do you wear SPF everyday? Over the last year I have realised how important SPF is for everyday (Thank you Iconic Medispa for teaching me so much about my skin). This article is a good read as to why the SPF in your makeup just isn't good enough, it's titled 'Sorry, the SPF in Your Makeup Is Not Enough to Protect You From the Sun' and you can read it here.

March 2019

Article: The Cut - All the Criminal Charges and Lawsuits R. Kelly Faces - You might’ve heard the ignition singer is in hot water after being a sexual predator. After flying under the radar for a pretty long time, he has another court date on March 13. Here’s a quick recap of what Kelly is currently facing. Two alleged victims of R. Kelly sat with Gayle King of CBS News on 7 March. Azriel Clary and Joycelyn Savage are R. Kelly's current girlfriends. Stating that they're in healthy relationships with him, their parents have tried to extort Kelly.

Article: The Strategist - Do Blue-Light-Blocking Glasses Actually Do Anything? - I bought blue-light glasses because I heard they were good for protecting strained eyes against the blue screen light. An optometrist once told me “Just don’t forget to blink”. Now I’m thinking that free advice was probably more useful than the $185 lenses I paid for. This article talks about it matter of factly, I don’t recommend their sales-ey sponsored items but I just like what the ophthalmologist said.

Blog: How to shop for Vegan and Cruelty-Free Products - Are you thinking about starting to shop cruelty-free but don't know where to start? Looking for cruelty-free makeup and skincare brands isn’t always easy. Here are a few tips and advice on the brands I’ve used before.



Watch: Dead To Me - Netflix - The dark comedy premiered this month and I know someone else has already told you to watch this. The first episode starts off slowly but hooks you at the end. I watched the whole series over the weekend. I hope there is a second season to develop the characters more!

New York Times: ‘Aladdin’ Review: This Is Not What You Wished For - If you've watched Aladdin, I found this review by The New York Times to be interesting. It voiced the weird feelings I had while watching it. I so desperately wanted to love the movie but it just wasn't quite what I expected. I feel as though they could have done so much more with the whole thing. The movie is in the top three highest-grossing openings so far in 2019 though. Beaten by only Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame.

YouTube: 15-year-old Billie Eilish was interviewed by Vanity Fair on October 18th, 2017 - She was interviewed again in 2018 on the same date and this video, answering the same questions and comparing her answers. Her Instagram grew from 257K to 6.3 million in this time and now she's playing at huge stadiums. I can't believe I didn't see this when it was uploaded last year. You can really see the toll this insane lifestyle has taken and I really do hope she has all of the support she needs. Watch on Youtube here.

iView: If you're in a Royal Family mood after the birth of Archie, you might want to watch "Princess Margaret: The Rebel Royal" on iView. She was the younger sister of Queen Elizabeth II and known as the original 'wild child' and a 'party princess' before Prince Harry came along.

Watch: Sex Education - It's funny and highschool-ish without being corny. I binge-watched it, big time. The socially awkward British comedy-drama Netflix series covers the exploration and honest 'figuring out' happening in teenage years. I found myself wishing there was something like this to watch in high school rather than just Skins. The show includes a nonjudgmental depiction of a range of sexualities and preferences while exploring and building on each character individually. I think it's pretty progressive with a number of really realistic situations. I like this review here.

April 2019

Watch: A Drink With James by Fohr - This channel is about the weird world of influencer marketing. Even if you're not working in the space, it's an interesting listen to understand what actually goes on. As the founder of Fohr, James Nord shares his tips, tricks and insider knowledge. I love so many of the topics he talks about, some of them include talking about the importance of originality, the future of social media, how to work with brands and what to do in certain situations with brands!

March 2019

App: Waze - I’m always looking for apps that save me time! I used to be a Google Maps kinda girl but over the last year, I’ve stuck with Waze. It’s a navigation app but allows it’s users to contribute to it. People can log when there’s heavy traffic, hazards, road works and police. The app blips when you’ve nudged over the speed limit if there’s a fuel stop on your journey and lets you know when there’s a red light camera. I have found it’s made me really aware of my driving. Plus you get to choose an adorable avatar, that’s what sucked me in.



Health: Clue - Period Tracker (Free) - Say hello to your reproductive health toolkit. Track your period dates, details of each cycle and other factors around how you're feeling and activity. I have used this for a while and it has picked up on patterns in my mood with it's learning algorithm! The app also provides a lot of in-depth info about your cycle and some hot tips too. Plus, they don't sell your data onto big companies yay (read here)! I would sign up with an email address rather than using a Facebook account just for safety in general.

Writing: Slowly (Free) - Old school pen-pal lovers, this app is for you. It's a slower way of communicating in the modern age. Make a simple profile, pick your interests and you're matched to others with similar interests to send long-form letters to. It's a bit hard to explain but it's definitely a different type of experience!

Instagram Stories: The App I use to edit my Instagram Stories - Do you like seeing curated stories or prefer 'in the moment' stuff? I think a mix of both is good, especially when you see how pretty this app is!

April 2019

Productivity: IFTTT - If This Then That
I only just found out that this is an app, I've been using the desktop version for a year and a bit now! You can use their 'Applets' to perform tasks like syncing, reminders, posting across platforms, saving data in spreadsheets etc. It's a little bit nerdy but I encourage you to have a read through the applets! There is definitely something in there that everyone can use. My favourite - A reminder to drink water.

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