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I'm a 22 year old Communications & Media and Fine Arts graduate living in Perth, Australia. I've just left my two receptionist jobs to become a Full Time Social Media Manager.

At the moment I'm still a lifestyle blogger on the side. I have always enjoyed online shopping ever since I could have my own MasterCard. Sharing the clothes, sales and sites I loved just seemed to make sense!

I started "blogging: in school on a Tumblr blog as many of us do, looking at beautiful images and becoming more inspired each day. I found a lot of people had similar interests, views and liked the same things I did. Fast forward through a few stages and here we have the blog I run today. 

Currently in 2017 I have met so many bloggers, discovered so many like-minded people, and I've jumped into things I never thought I would be capable of. I collaborate and work with Australian and International brands to explore my own scope on style, trends, beauty, events and fashion. Hope you enjoy the reading!