A Night At The Vines Resort

I was approved to stay at the Vines Resort in the Swan Valley this weekend for an evening with my boyfriend as part of a social media collaboration with the resort. We made the trip to North East Perth and checked into our modern refurbished room on the lavish grounds of the resort. Our room had a bathroom with a waterfall shower, a mini bar in the main room, TV with complimentary movies, air-con, a balcony and two double beds. One bed for clothes and bags, one bed for us!

We explored the grounds before adventuring out to the Swan Valley. The Vines Resort consists of a golf club and a huge course, rose gardens, wedding ceremony gardens filled with rows and rows of vines, tennis courts, a swimming pool and spa, squash courts, a gym, Keisha Day Spa, a cafe, bar and Muscats Restaurant. After running around like excited little kids we made our way to the Margaret River Chocolate Factory based in the Swan Valley. After eating our bodyweight in samples and buying a few gifts, we returned to the resort where we relaxed before eating dinner at Muscats Restaurant.

After our entrée’s, mains, cocktails, and wine we both sprawled out on the bed and watched a movie as we passed out in food comas. We both agreed that our meals were the most flavoursome and filling we’ve eaten in a long time! I ordered lamb while he had beef. Along with our meals we ordered a Tequila Sunrise and a Kiwi Fruit Cocktail.

This morning we checked out and said our goodbyes to relaxing and feeling free of responsibility, and drove home to start on our university work and assignments! It was such a lovely short getaway for the both of us to forget about working, university and stress for 24 hours and just relax and spend time with each other.

Dinner at Muscats Restaurant