15 Things I learned from 2015

This year I haven't exactly made resolutions, I like to think of them as reflections and small changes. If I set myself unrealistic goals to change too many things at once, I'll just procrastinate and never get around to actually doing anything.

1. You don't need that dress or those shoes right away. 

They look amazing but you'll probably never wear them- or maybe wear them once. Think about buying something 48 hours before actually buying it. After two days, if you're still dying to buy it then do it. Two days is normally enough to make me think about the more practical things I need to spend my money on. It sounds boring but it's been a life saver in helping me save!

2. Never underestimate a daily planner

Not quite sure if I'd still have a job or how I would have passed my units this year if I didn't have a daily planner. Relying on memory can be a good test, but forgetting something super important can be the most embarrassing and unforgiving thing ever. Plus it always helps to write down shifts and to tally up your weekly pay in a planner.

3. Internalised misogyny is a thing - even if you're doing it unconsciously

We all have expectations of other women and men. Its impossible to not categorise or label things in our minds because its the way a lot of us work. By consciously making the effort to realise that these stereotypes and ideas do not need to be met by anybody, you can broaden your acceptance of others and this can make you, literally an all-round decent person.

By blocking the path for women who are doing as they please (whether its working, a stay at home mum, a university student, etc.) bringing them down and making them feel like their work is inadequate... It brings you down too. This is where it feels like women are against each other, we're all in a battle to see who comes out the best. No, we're not. We need to be giving each other a leg up and start talking about important things. Feminism in the third world needs to be addressed more, "white feminism" has progressed, where not much else has moved forward.

I read the book  Lean In: Women, Work and the Will to Lead  by Sheryl Sandberg. She brings up a lot important points, and a lot of things I see everyday and just accepted as normal. She speaks about how getting more women into high positions opens up the path for other women to follow and improve the lives of others by example. There's so many other points but I definitely can't type them all out.

4. Culling clothes from your wardrobe and selling/donating them is so beneficial. 

The feeling of being stuck in a rut with your style and what 'suits' you can be limiting. I found myself buying the same things from different stores because I forgot I already had it. Going through your old clothes and remembering what you have, selling what you don't have works in favour of storage space and saving money!

5. Pursuing dreams no matter how difficult it might seem in the beginning.

Changing my views on my blogging from a hobby to a job really pushed me to be professional and to email and work with brands creating content. I really felt like I accomplished a lot in 2015 through blogging and managed to work with some amazing brands and discovered so many new ones. I never would have been able to do this if I didn't change the way I approached my blog! 

6. Writing lists is how I work

It can be daunting writing everything down that you need to do. Whether it's over the period of a day or a month it's always horrible having to cross off the things you never want to do. For me, that means vacuuming or making a phone call to organise an appointment. Writing lists helps me clearly see everything that needs to be done and I can't hide from them! It's probably the best way I stayed semi organised in 2015.

(I just realised this whole post is actually a list)

7. Don't ditch your creative outlets!

I hardly drew anything in 2015 and I felt really disconnected to what I used to love. I created a large 2 x 2 meter painting for my second major at uni, and I hated it. I hated the process and I hated the work. I couldn't connect with it and it meant nothing to me. Because I felt I was so busy through the year I never stopped to draw or even to sketch anything. I was so focused on earning and being organised that I never allowed myself to feel inspired. This year I'm working on it already, my first piece 'Lady Stardust' is the second image above.

8. Organising your priorities and giving yourself time off is important.

Allowing time to relax away from work or study has been a big thing for me in 2015. I'm used to going full speed ahead with blogging, full time university, selling artwork, and almost full time hours in two job positions at my workplace. Making time for my friends and family was harder than it should have been. My priorities have been on work, the wrong place for so long!

9. Always push your boundaries. 

Look for avenues and literature to expand the way you think, expose yourself to different perspectives and world views. This is always beneficial to look at your own perspective critically then change or keep your views!

10. Never underestimate family.

Even though they can be super annoying and a little over-protective, I need them to keep me grounded. Family nights are important to me and I need to make more time for them.

11. "Be nice first, you can always be mean later"

"Once you've been mean to someone, they won't believe the nice anymore. So be nice, be nice, until it's time to stop being nice, then destroy them".

Very important to be nice whenever you can. First impressions last with me and I wouldn't want a nasty impression of me to last on someone else.

12. Always be the person that says "Hello".

Seeing people in public can be embarrassing especially if you really don't want to speak to anyone, you're in a rush or it's just not a good day. In 2015 I made an effort not to duck behind grocery store shelves or hiding in clothes racks and I would say hello to people I knew when I saw them/they saw me. Nothing more awkward than eye contact and both ducking to hide! Next time you see them it's 150% more awkward than that time you both hid from each other...

Plus some times people need a kind hello and they appreciate being asked about their day. 

13. Don't bitch about your colleagues/friends.

When I hear something nasty I can't help but to think they could easily say something similar about me to somebody, whether it's true or not. Hearing people bitch makes me trust them less, why would I want to speak to someone who I know is untrustworthy with secrets and incredibly judgemental.

14. Invest in a good phone case ALWAYS.

My iPhone 4 passed away in March after a good couple of years. One drop and it instantly smashed. It wasn't all bad as I rewarded myself with an iPhone 6, just for putting up with a iPhone 4S for so long.

15. Less can be more ???

Everyone has their opinion about makeup, most people like to voice that opinion when it's not asked for. If you're up for watching tutorials and learning new things, testing them out and enjoying makeup- then do it! If you can't understand makeup and don't have an interest in learning, then don't! Making judgements based on how someone likes to look, makes you look like a dick and fuels their insecurities that existed probably before you even said anything. Be nice to people.