Backstage at David Jones | A\W 2016 Fashion Launch, Perth

Backstage at David Jones on the 4th of February was a bustling, organised mess of clothes, shoes, cameras, models and a hint of stress. All outfits that walked the runway were styled by Teagan Sewell, even the last minute decisions on accessories. 

This was my first time backstage at a runway event that I wasn't modelling for. It's always worth looking at these events from as many perspectives as possible, it sheds light on how people work, how human the models actually are (they're all fantastic and seem like they're from another planet), and the amount of effort contributed by everyone is insane. Hanging out the back with the models, the event organisers, the stylist and the photographers absolutely made my night. I was able to see how much work is actually put in behind closed curtains for the event to be a success. 

Models: Dylan Cranswick, Ebb Hunter, Adam Erceg, Sarah Tilleke, Lauren Brown (not pictured), Simone Kerr (not pictured).