Suited Champagne Event

From 2pm on Saturday 12th of March, there were men in smart suits, along with women in summery gowns and modern cocktail dresses wandering into the QV1 building, West Perth. At the entrance we were greeted by a smiling Grady Wulff in a long white dress by Something Borrowed, styled with strappy white shoes by The Studio. 

Listening to the live band and drinking champagne, everyone anxiously awaited the three runway shows of the evening. 

The first show styled by Claremont Quarter featured the female models in structured navy coats, long double breasted vests, halter neck jumpsuits, flowing floral gypsy dresses and A-line suede skirts for Autumn. Colours common among the collection included navy, browns, denim, off white, burgundy with snippets of pale pink.

The second Claremont Quarter show displayed the mens Autumn styles. The mens looks consisted of collared shirts (white, patterned with blue detailing), blazers and coats in navy and black, a variation of jeans and suit pants along with various different tan coloured shoes. 

The final show of the evening flaunted items from Something Borrowed, a boutique stocking gowns and cocktail dresses, playsuits and designers for rent. The runway boasted gowns by Ae'lkemi, gliding along the white runway suspended over water. The girls walked effortlessly in the long and sequin detailed gowns, it was an absolutely angelic finale to the evening.

Above: Ae'lkemi gowns backstage

Above: The finale