Daniel Wellington Discount Code

I'm not normally the kind of person to wear a watch, I've always got my iPhone on me so I normally quickly glance at my screen. Lately though, as my days get longer and busier - My phone is always running out of charge! I've adapted to the watch life and found it saved me from asking strangers the time, and from wandering around train platforms looking for a clock. 

I adore these classic watches from Daniel Wellington, both faces come with detachable straps so I can wear a black wrist strap on Monday, then brown wrist straps on Tuesday.

For my lucky readers, I have a discount code for your own Daniel Wellington! They're also currently offering a complimentary strap with every watch before June 13.

Use the discount code 'IZZYSMITHH' in the checkout to get 15% off! (Expires 15/06/16). 


My watches are the Classic York Lady and Dapper Reading.