My updated Hair Care Routine

If you're a blonde, you understand how hard maintenance can be. Especially when it gets to the stage where it's just worn in a bun or a ponytail to work everyday of the week! My hair is currently a light creamy blonde, and it's long, sitting at my lower back. These are definitely two of the most difficult hair qualities to look after!

Recently I've been visiting the BoBlonde Salon in Fremantle for some good TLC for my locks. I've had a three inch trim, foils, toning, and lots of mermaid waves curled into my hair - I always love it wavy!

I thought since I'm in the hands of some creative professionals, I should probably ask them for some advice considering I know next to nothing about hair.

For a little bit of insight into my hair type, it's fine and thin hair, long and very light blonde although more natural colour shows through my foils at the roots. I find it can get very dry and wispy at the ends, and oily and flat quickly at the top. It's like two polar opposites with my hair! I've noticed that my hair can dry out very quickly since it's been blonde.

Here's a few products suggested by the lovely BoBlonde team!

1. Olaplex #3 is the third stage of the process, it's initially combined with the foils and the bleaching process, then the take home product helps as maintenance until my next visit. Olaplex isn't a hair mask or a shampoo or conditioner, it is purely just for the structural bonds in the hair. I can leave it in for up to 30 mins, some people sleep with it in their hair too. I loved this article because of the way Olaplex is explained to be helping those in the Blonde Brigade!

2. Kevin Murphy Plumping Wash and Plumping Rinse. I asked about these thickening products, I feel as though I have a lot of breakage and would love for my hair to be healthier and stronger as the shorter broken lengths grow out. Plus they smell amazing. There are blonde products available from Kevin Murphy too but I'll try those in the near future!

(Also Sulphate free, Paraben free and Cruelty free!)

3. Kevin Murphy Hydrate Me Masque is for my drying ends with ingredients Primrose oil, Kakadu Plum, Shea Butter etc. I like this treatment so far, there are tiny capsules that explode when I apply the mask to my hair. It's definitely faced with the challenge of my dry ends! I've noticed it leaves my hair feeling silky and smooth after using it, and less sparse looking as the hair doesn't appear to be frizzing out as often.

4. Rejuvenating Radiance Oil by Label.M. I'm hoping this product will help strengthen my hair, helping it to look healthier and shiny. This product contains Moroccan Argan Oil, so I can use this on dry or damp hair too which I love the idea of.

5. Dry Shampoo by Label.M, is it even possible to go wrong with a dry shampoo?

I'm currently trialling these 5 products at the moment and I will be posting an update around my next appointment in November.

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