3 Tips for Race Day Style

We have all seen the race wear fashion rules become super flexible. Recently with the dress code at different events becoming a little more blurred as the rules are broken, trends are started and styles overlap genres.

If you're not being officially judged on your outfit for working with recent trends or wearing the most recent season, you definitely have a lot more room to play with!

Depending on which races you're attending this Spring Carnival, or whether it's the Autumn Carnival, dress code can be a little more selective!

3 Tips for the Spring and Autumn Carnivals:

1. Fascinators

I wouldn't suggest fascinators are a definite essential! Although I do love dainty headpieces like the one from Common Ground I paired with a black lace up dress by SWF Boutique.

When wearing a fascinator, it should be 'included' in the outfit, not added as an extra. I find this a little hard as I've always viewed it as an accessory! This means wearing your hair to compliment the piece, whether its tied back in a low pony, slicked back from the front, or light and flowy to accentuate the fascinator.

In Australia, I've seen a lot of hats worn instead of fascinators. I absolutely love looks that pull the dress and hat together to compliment each other.

2. Dress

Often tight, strapless, midriff cropped or revealing clothing isn't considered race-wear, although with the flexible rules you're definitely can wear something like this if you wanted! Royal Ascot style guides mention dresses need to be knee length or below, this applies at more formal events and races.

This year I've loved the diverse jumpsuit and pantsuit styles on the track! These are definitely my favourite racing style at the moment.

Bold colours and patterns are everywhere during the Spring Carnival. If you're looking for an event to wear a black dress to, Derby Day might be your day! The monochrome memo is elegant and interesting to experiment with textures and silhouettes. Sticking with either black or white can look most effective, working with both can sometimes appear busy and confusing!

If you're up for the bright bold colour scheme, Melbourne Cup will definitely showcase the styles you're up for! Melbourne Cup is all about loud and interesting shapes, colours and styles.

Oaks Day is a little more relaxed, sporting pastels, light colours - Keeping away from the noisy bright pieces from Melbourne Cup. Florals are very popular on Oaks Day, though sticking with two or three light colours can be very flattering and will stand out from the sea of floral dresses! Wearing a smaller fascinator, a crown or a hat will give a softer look to your overall look.

For the Autumn Carnival dressing for the weather is suited to tailored outfits, pantsuits and long-sleeved dresses. Save the flowing floral pieces for the Spring season!

3. Shoes

Spring racing is so much fun for shoes! The warmer weather allows for sandals, wedges, lace up heels and flats.

The Autumn races allow for heeled boots and darker colours, opened toed shoes aren't worn at this carnival. Wearing a thick heel at both carnivals is a great idea if you're walking on the grass - Stilettos are definitely less than ideal!

Now the Spring Carnival is over, we can look back on the outfits snapped at these events and use them as inspiration to prepare for our Autumn Carnival outfits!