Bobbi Brown Instant Full Cover Concealer Review

That crucial step: Concealer!

Something I have never really used since this year is concealer. It might have to do with starting a full-time job or just having a terrible sleeping pattern - But I have found the solution to my dark under eye circles: the Bobbi Brown Instant Full Cover Concealer! I've also learned how important it is to look after the delicate skin around my eyes, and my skin in general.


Instant Full Cover Concealer

My skin tone: Light/Beige/Bone Neutral

My shade in BB concealer: 0 and 00

I always use concealer sparingly. I'm not the type of person to swipe it all over my cheekbones out to my ears. I use it only under my eyes, to define my brows and on my jawline (I always have my chin resting on one hand at my desk!).

This concealer is so pigmented that I only need to apply it in the areas that I really need to brighten. Coverage is amazing and lasts a day in the office. It does apply slightly wet and then tacky but doesn't separate itself from my foundation. It can be slightly tough to blend, but that's why we have the Hydrating Eye Cream! The shades 0  and 00 match perfectly with my neutral skin tone and with other brands of foundation, not just the Bobbi Brown foundation sticks! 

I love the packaging, so minimal and sleek. The rounded tip applicator is a little awkward for grabbing the product and applying. An angled applicator would probably be easier, but I might just feel this way because it's what I'm already used to using.


Skin Foundation Stick

I haven't used a foundation stick since 2011! I have fairly dry skin so I have always stayed away from this type of formula. Considering I was using the concealer, I might as well give it a go with the matching foundation!

I was completely surprised. The finish of the foundation looked so natural and matched my skin tone perfectly. It's creamy, easy to blend, sooo buildable and it was also lightweight. Now, I use it as a quick foundation on days where I just want to get up and go - this is the perfect product for that! 

I used moisturiser and primer underneath to stop any dryness, plus a finishing powder. It's a great foundation for hot days, I loved that it hasn't slipped off my face once! Although I have worn this foundation stick just by itself and found it to last almost just as long. Touching up was seamless - I always sit with my hands on my chin at work. Unfortunately, I manage to rub off any foundation on my chin, every day! It would be best to wear this with a setting spray so it doesn't transfer.


Hydrating Eye Cream

I always apply this on the night before an event or when I know I have a long day at work and an event in the evening! I apply in the morning on a fresh face before starting my makeup too. It makes such a huge difference applying concealer to hydrated eyes and it especially helps with fine lines and puffiness. I have read that there are skin-reparing benefits, but I just love how it helps with my makeup application!

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