Polo in The City with Forever New

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What to wear to the Polo

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Last Saturday I headed to Langley Park for the Land Rover Polo in the City. It’s been running since 2005 and it’s become a huge event in Australia recently. I’ve personally never seen a polo game in my life before so I was absolutely excited to see it in the flesh rather than in the movie.  

I was so lucky to go along to this event with Forever New and wear an outfit of theirs head to toe! I loved styling my look, a comfortable jumpsuit with a comfortable pair of blush heels. I paired these with an on-trend round weave-look bag and a little blush boater hat.

Tips for Polo in the City:

  1. It’s not as dressed up as the Melbourne Cup circuit. You don’t have to be wearing the most expensive outfit on the field at the Polo. I recommend something comfortable to stand and sit in, make it’s not super tight so you can eat too! I loved wearing a jumpsuit, it was the smartest choice! The pitch got a bit windy as the day went on and I knew if I was wearing a dress, it would’ve been a very unfortunate sight for any onlookers.

  2. My Forever New shoes had a block heel. These are the best type of heel to go for if you’re standing on grass. A thin stiletto heel would pierce the grass and could make you fall over - I just avoid all embarrassment and stick to my chunky safe heels.

  3. I wore a hat, it’s still out in the sunshine! Hat and sunscreen always.

  4. Avoid wearing anything that you have to fix up during the day. You’ll be holding food in one hand and a champagne in the other! Try to avoid something strapless because you’ll be adjusting it and pulling it up constantly. The same with a really short dress, it’s not comfortable pulling something down all day! Go for something airy or flowy.

  5. Wear a matte lipstick or prepare to re-apply it. The champagne and food was too good. I had to try literally everything available on the menu so I definitely had to touch up my lipstick a few times.

  6. It can get pretty hot - I had a powder foundation in my bag to fix up any oily areas during the day. Some small blotting papers could be a good idea too if you know that you get oily during the day.

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I hope you can make it to a Polo in the City, or the valley this circuit and enjoy the games!

Here’s a list of everything I wore on the day:

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Thank you Forever New for having me at the Land Rover Polo.