Pandora Christmas & Facets of Winter Collection 2017 - My Favourite Pieces

Pandora Facets of Winter Collection 2017 | Izzy Wears Blog

Pandora Facets of Winter Collection 2017


There is always so much Pandora excitement coming into the holiday season! New Pandora collections are something I’ve loved waiting for the reveal ever since I had my first charm bracelet. Each year the new pieces are beautiful, unique and are always the perfect festive gift. 

I’m in Australia and the Winter collection launches in our Summer months but I still think it’s the sweetest collection - especially for the festive season. It’s almost like having a white Christmas that we won’t actually get - we’re all dreaming of it anyway!

Pandora Facets of Winter Collection 2017 | Izzy Wears Blog

The 2017 Winter collection is bedazzled with jewel colours in shades of blue, red and green. Exquisite and intricate attention to detail within each charm, pendant, ring and earring makes it that much more beautiful. With star and galaxy inspired designs (some enclosed inside of intricate hearts on rings and pendants!), each piece is perfect for a seasonal gift.

I adored styling and wearing the starry winter blue jewellery, it felt so fitting for the festive Winter I hope to see one day! Each style is carefully decorated with a range of blue shades, making it easy to mix and match the pieces without looking disjointed.

The red and green pieces (colour-wise) are a fun and festive for the Christmas holiday. The deep jewel shades are vibrant, reminding me of Ruby and Emeralds. These complement each other, creating a festive vibe when worn together but they also look stunning on their own.

Pandora Facets of Winter Collection 2017_2 | Izzy Wears Blog
Pandora Bright Star Charm_1
Pandora Bright Star Charm_2

Favourite Charm: Bright Star Charm

With sparkles, an array of blue stones and tiny decorative beads, this charm caught my eye immediately! It’s inspired by the night sky and is a beautiful standout charm.

Favourite Necklace: Hearts of Winter Collier Necklace

I adore this necklace and I wear it most days! Nothing wrong with a small gift from me to… me? The pendant is a snowflake crystal design inside of a small heart. What really draws me to this pendant is that it’s easily wearable after the Christmas season.


Favourite Ring: Heart of Winter Ring

Matching with the Heart of Winter Collier Necklace, the snowflake embellished heart is festive but not “too festive”. I will wear the two together for a long time after Christmas! The delicate designs have brightened up a few outfits already and I know I’ll get compliments on Christmas day!

Favourite Earrings: Blue Timeless Elegance Earring Studs

These earrings are stunningly bold and bright, reminds me of sapphire! The square shape creates an upgraded modern look on a classic vintage style. Chiming in on the latest trend, the sparking square halo of stones frames the blue stone and finishes the earrings with contemporary style.

These Winter collections are always a little similar in theme and aesthetic each year, I know we will see just as beautiful wintery designs to come next year. There are always a few stand out pieces that are so unique or a statement. The stand out pieces I loved this year were: Blue Dazzling Snowflake Charm and the Starry Formation Clip, a little less festive but I love them all the same.

Overall my favourite piece was definitely Hearts of Winter Collier Necklace, so lightweight and comfortable for every day.

Pandora Winter Collection | Izzy Wears Blog
Pandora Winter Collection | Izzy Wears Blog