The Best Valentines Gift - Roses That Last A Year

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Valentine's gifts are what we all hope for on this beautiful day in February. One thing’s for sure, everybody loves flowers and everyone loves receiving gifts. Almost nothing beats a fresh cut of blooming flowers, especially a bouquet of red roses. There’s something about them that gives us the warm fuzzies. Although, after a few days they’re looking dreary and limp - ready to be thrown away and forgotten for another year.

We all know someone who adores flowers, it doesn’t matter if you can’t figure out why! We know they die quickly but the short-lived beauty feels worth it every time Valentines rolls around. This year I celebrated Valentines Day with eternal roses. I have to say, they’re memorable, stunning and surprising, a worthwhile way to gift flowers this year. Trust me, whoever is on the receiving end of a bouquet of eternal roses will love you for it.

My Lasting Bouquet made my Valentines Day dreams come true with an exclusive box called ‘A Lasting Love’ from their Valentines Day Collection. It arrived at my door in a large box, protected and padded! I opened it to find a long black box with my name printed on the lid in gold lettering, I’m a sucker for a personal touch.

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Opening the box was a lovely surprise. ‘I ♡ U” written completely in red roses. This is the kind of thing that can melt a heart in seconds, take note! The presentation of the roses is so professional and elegant, even including an official certificate, personalised card and care instructions for the roses. For reference, the letters spanning around 17 cms in length - this is no small gift! A gift or roses from My Lasting Bouquet will outlive the usual dozen roses. They’re said to last over a year and yes, they’re real roses!

The best part is the roses hardly need any maintenance! Make sure to keep them out of direct sunlight and I would lightly dust them every few months and Voilà! These perfectly beautiful roses will last for a whole year. The bonus is, even if your Valentine isn’t around next February, your stunning bouquet probably will be.

Shop this bouquet here: A Lasting Love Eternal Roses

My Lasting Bouquet ships worldwide, no excuses this year!

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This post was not written in collaboration with My Lasting Bouquet. Rose arrangement gifted.