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Will the bubble burst for Influencer marketing?

I noticed this newsletter had an accidental theme going on. Here's some insight and critical articles to delve into on your work commute or over the Easter Break.

Okay, so my fortnightly newsletter didn't really go to plan last month, oops! 

March and half of April has been a pretty intense time for me, my apologies for being slack. I'm not sure how much each of you have seen on social media but I got a part-time job from my internship. Then to throw a spanner in the works (but also to keep things exciting), I was lucky to be offered a full -time job at another agency. My days have been chock full of preparing content for my absence, handovers and then re-learning new processes and about new clients. I slept like a baby on the weekend incase you were wondering.

Anyway, into the newsletter! I have been consuming some good stuff on the commute to work and I hope you enjoy reading and listening to these as much as I did. 

I promise these emails will be fortnightly on Tuesdays, starting right now! 

Watch: A Drink With James by Fohr
This channel is about the weird world of influencer marketing. Even if you're not working in the space, it's an interesting listen to understand what actually goes on. As the founder of Fohr, James Nord shares his tips, tricks and insider knowledge. I love so many of the topics he talks about, some of them include talking about the importance of originality, the future of social media, how to work with brands and what to do in certain situations with brands!

Watch on YouTube here.

App: IFTTT - If This Then That
I only just found out that this is an app, I've been using the desktop version for a year and a bit now! You can use their 'Applets' to perform tasks like syncing, reminders, posting across platforms, saving data in spreadsheets etc. It's a little bit nerdy but I encourage you to have a read through the applets! There is definitely something in there that everyone can use. My favourite - A reminder to drink water.

Make your life easier: https://ifttt.com/

Podcast: #130 The Snapchat Thief - Reply All
This podcast really freaked me out. I knew it was easy to be hacked but I didn't know how much information could be accessed just through my phone number - something that I give out without a second thought. After listening to this podcast I used the website deseat.me to delete so many accounts associated with some of my email addresses. When I'm finished using it, I'll delete that account too. You can never be to safe online and listening to this really opened my eyes! Check the episode notes for the steps to follow!

Listen to this podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.

Another listen for the week: Briggs’ new song ‘Life Is Incredible’

Article: Dear Roxy Jacenko, you're wrong
Roxy has apparently called people who work in PR 'lazy and not committed to the job'. If anyones boss is saying that to them, change jobs! Your boss is horrid. This article is an interesting perspective on the Jacenko empire and how it works. Her expectations sound extremely high and almost unhealthy. Or is this just another controversial piece of PR?

Read this article on Mumbrella here.

Article: Will Success Spoil Diet Prada?
Diet Prada have been dubbed as the 'industry watchdog' of the fashion industry. They're the source of all fashion faux pas, rip offs and everything ethically wrong with the designers we know and love (or hate!) I follow them and I have seen the effects caused by the call out culture on their Instagram account. It's hectic. This article is a great look at what is going on with Diet Prada, it's success and it's downfall. Who watches the watchdog?

Read this article on Business of Fashion here.

Blog: 10 Tips for Beginner Bloggers
A few tips for getting your blog started.
(Note: Will be live Friday 19 April)

Quick Note: Do you wear SPF everyday? Over the last year I have realised how important SPF is for everyday (Thank you Iconic Medispa for teaching me so much about my skin). This article is a good read as to why the SPF in your makeup just isn't good enough, it's titled 'Sorry, the SPF in Your Makeup Is Not Enough to Protect You From the Sun' and you can read it here.

"Makeup with an SPF often protects against UVB radiation only. “Most do not have any coverage against the UVA rays that will go through your car window, your home windows, goes through all the clouds, the rainstorms and the snow"


Next newsletter: A podcast I loved listening to, discussing shame with Jameela Jamil.

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