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Instant Fake Tan! My Vani-T Velocity Rapid Tanning Mousse Review

False tan is a part of my everyday life, I don’t know what I ever did before I started using it! I’m always looking for fast and new ways to get an even, streak-free, bronzed glowing tan. Recently I have been trying out the Vani-T Velocity Rapid Tanning Mousse over a few weeks to see how it works.

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I usually tan around once a week, it’s become my Thursday night ritual. Sometimes my evenings end up so busy and then I have to figure out when I’m going to fit in a tan before the weekend. My schedule is always all over the place and I can never fit in seeing a salon. I always look for tanning products that are going to give me a salon-style tan and in the shortest amount of time. One of the best parts about Velocity is that it develops so quickly, even just an hour has made a difference to my tan!

My top 5:

  • So easy to apply with a mitt

  • Quick drying and not sticky

  • Doesn’t rub off on my sheets - I normally sleep between two towels anyway with tan on

  • The perfect tan shade, preferably as dark as possible! My skin is normally so pale and I don’t want to risk any freckles turning into sunspots from suntanning. A darker tan actually blends my freckles together!

  • Long lasting and fades well. The last thing I want is patchy areas for scaly crocodile skin.

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I loved wearing the Velocity tan for as long as I could to create an even darker tan. One of my favourite things is how fast drying the tan is, I can apply it and then go to sleep when I don’t need to use it as an instant tan! I think it’s definitely the best way to get the most hours out of the tan if you have the time! I always apply my tan with a mitt, this time using the microfibre Vani-T Bronzing Mitt ($11.95) and always applying in circular motions.

From washing off the Velocity tan after an hour, I was left with a lightly bronzed shade. After keeping the tan on for longer, the tan would develop darker and create a deeper bronze. The pump bottle was perfect, one pump on the mitt at a time was enough to spread evenly.

The Formula:

It’s lightweight and scentless, two big bonuses! The mousse doesn’t create streaky lines, even though I apply it with the mitt. This is literally the biggest bonus because it makes my tan look so much more professional and makes me feel confident that my tan will actually look good!

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The formula contains 15% DHA to create the dark tan in an hour, I’ve fallen in love with it so far! Around 3 hours creates a great darker tan, I usually try to keep it on as long as possible.

My skin doesn’t crack and look scaly after a few days of wear with this formula. I’d say this is probably because of the infusion of Australian botanicals, Aloe Vera and Phytolin. They keep my skin hydrated. There’s also a bunch of other amazing ingredients like Quandong, with skin firming properties and some ingredients that contribute to healthy looking skin; Australian Kakadu Plum Extract (Vitamin C) and Vitamins A & E. This has got to be the healthiest tan I’ve ever used on my skin!

There are two other products I used in conjunction with the Velocity tan, the Bronzing Custard and the Tan Eraser. These two helped me to keep my skin hydrated and exfoliated, creating the perfect base for the Velocity tan!

Bronzing Custard (Gradual Tan): $33.50

The longer my tan lasts, the happier I am! I love only having to apply tan once a week. To keep my tan looking bronzed and skin moisturised, I use the Bronzing Custard to keep it up! I normally apply it after my shower in the evenings or after a shower in the morning if I know I’ll at be home all day. I always make sure I get the main areas that are prone to cracking or patchiness, elbows, wrists, knees and my ankles. Keeping those areas moisturised really makes a difference in prolonging my tan for as many days possible! Sometimes I even use this without the Velocity tan just for a subtle glow.

Tan Eraser - Tan Removal Mousse: $29.95

This is the fun part! Often I remove my tan on a Tuesday or Wednesday just to give my skin a bit of time to recuperate after exfoliating. I use the Tan Eraser in sections because I have to leave it on for 5 mins for the tan to start erasing. It definitely works better when you apply 5 mins before getting into the shower, I tried applying it in the shower too and it didn’t work as well. After 5 mins I jump in the shower, using soap and the Exfoliating Mitt ($24.95) to finish removing all of the tan! You can wipe off the remover out of the shower but I always get too cold, especially in winter. This eraser is such a big winner for me, I have always hates having to painfully scrub for ages and not even getting all my tan off! Now it’s the easiest thing ever.

Overall, you can probably tell I loved using these products! I am always looking for faster and smarter ways to do things and these did all of that! If you try the Vani-T products or have tried them before - let me know what you think in the comments!

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