Akira Runway - Telstra Perth Fashion Festival 2015

Saturday evening I attended the Akira Runway by Akira Isogawa. Starting my third show off with champagne and bite sized food in the VIP lounge, I chatted with other bloggers and a few studying journalism. The atmosphere was incredibly friendly and I felt so welcomed into the blogger community even though this years Perth Fashion Festival has been my first large industry event. 

I found my seat in row B for this show, sitting next to the gorgeous young blogger

Anastasia. We snapped away as the models slowly graced the runway in trainers, bright red and earth-toned. Akira Isogawa's designs consisted of flowing dresses with falling petals, structured and quilted sleeves and skirts over flowing pants, a little bit of fur, a teddy bear backpack and large branches of blooming flowers draped over the models necks, placed over their eyes, or dragged behind them like a childs favourite toy.

The show was incredibly beautiful, so peaceful to watch such detailed creations floating down the runway.

Dressed by  Last Minute Apparel for the evening in a Cameo matching set

Invited to the events by the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival