Running Bare in Summer

Walking by the beach in my activewear, running errands and chatting in my activewear. I hope you've seen the video! (If you haven't it's here, I also actually went grocery shopping after my walk). I enjoyed a small part of my day walking along my favourite windy beach in my new goodies from Running Bare. The Iconic has released an exclusive collection with the Aussie fitness label and you can shop it here! I'm wearing the Classic Icon Workout Muscle Top and the High Rise Sport Tight Shorts, paired with my favourite Nike Air Theas and a pair of cat-eye Quay sunglasses.

These little shorts are perfect for wearing by themselves, or with a pair of black shorts over the top. Exercising in loose shorts can be awkward if there's others around you in the gym! The top is classic Running Bare, I have a few similar already, but I love how this is a looser tee and allows a lot more movement with the side splits (See first image!). 

As you can see, I "demonstrated" some movement in the pictures below. I couldn't stop laughing because I've never had my photo taken running before! Luckily I didn't face plant, that would've made for a great photo. 

I loved my busy Sunday preparing to fly out to Bali tomorrow, and I loved spending it in my new activewear. It's definitely coming along in my suitcase for some warm evening yoga sessions.