Does it actually work? Lets Test HiSmile Teeth Whitening!

Over the last month or so some of you may have noticed on my Instagram and Snapchat that I've been using and talking about the teeth whitening product HiSmile. I've seen a lot of bloggers using teeth whitening products so of course I wanted to see if it worked for myself! HiSmile uses peroxide-free gel so that no enamel is damaged during the process. This means no painful or sensitive teeth, and no side effects of burning the gum area. HiSmile uses a Sodium Bicarbonate formula instead.

The pack comes with three gel syringes, a tooth mould (looks like a mouth guard), battery UV light and an instruction booklet. I started using the whitening gel and the mould, 10 minutes a day for around a week. I normally would do it right before bed so I would eat afterwards to help the whitening process. After this week I used it around twice a week for 4 weeks, including while I was on holidays in Bali. I avoided drinking coffee and even the Kopiko lollies I love! Other than that, I found I didn't really need to cut out any foods as I didn't have any pre-existing stains on my teeth anyway.

I noticed my teeth went from around a grade 7 on the chart to around a grade 3. I found the kit was a lot more effective that I first thought, actually proved to work quite well. If you're looking to do teeth whitening at home that's safe and effective, I definitely would use HiSmile! I'll be continuing to use mine over Christmas and New Years while I'm seeing family and eating so many different foods. I already received a few compliments at work and they've asked me which dentist I go to!

Posted in collaboration with HiSmile, all results and reflections are true to my testing - So happy to see this product actually work! Dentist teeth whitening will always be safest and most effective though!