Finding the Perfect Leather Jacket

Is there anything as timeless as a leather jacket? Such a versatile go-to piece is always worth the investment whether you're finding your perfect first jacket, or updating your current staple.

For me, nothing is more perfect than the classic Moto Jacket, but there are so many styles to choose from! Here are my three top things to look for when finding your number one leather jacket.

1. Type of Leather

Considering your personal preferences when it comes to leather vs pleather. Leather creases and wears naturally, a pleather option might work better to keep the cut and style crisp over time.

A warm lining throughout the jacket and sleeves can make all the difference to whether your piece becomes a Winter warmer staple, or worn over your shoulders as a light jacket in Autumn.

With quilting and texture in certain areas I always ask myself, is it going to be noticeable I've worn the same jacket for 5 days straight? Is the jacket too loud, or will it compliment each outfit perfectly?

Quilting and texture on the sleeves can give a jacket personality without over-powering the piece completely. 

Zips and hardware contributes to this, too much is overpowering and too little can be boring. Looking for a classic and flattering style will allow this piece to compliment a larger majority of looks already in your wardrobe. I'm still on the hunt for a jacket with perfect sleeve detailing, this H&M jacket is similar to what I'm looking for.

2. Collar and Zip

This Nana Judy jacket has a panel before the zip, allowing the right side of the jacket to overlap with the left when zipped up. A zip next to a panel normally annoys me like crazy! When wearing the jacket undone it can look like a huge piece of leather flopping around. Luckily this Nana Judy piece sits comfortably without the flipping! 

Some jackets may feature hardware to button these pieces to the jacket when wearing it open. Also taking note of the colour of the hardware, do you wear mostly silver, gold or rose gold? Gunmetal can blend in with textured jackets. Carefully looking at details like this when finding the perfect jacket can make or break your investment! 

A jacket with hardware to pin the front pieces back, or with a zip in the centre is what I look for first when buying outerwear.

3. Length

Tightly cropped and extra-long styles come in and out of style repeatedly. A style that sits comfortably around the hips will not only be most flattering and comfortable, but can be worn over multiple seasons (Or even years!). Ideally looking for a jacket that fits your shoulder width, sits comfortably through the middle and snug at the hips will last the longest in your wardrobe. I find that a jacket without a band at the bottom hem looks modern and is wearable with everything.

The bomber-style leather jacket comes without a collar, with elasticated cuffs and a band around the bottom hem. If you are looking at a bomber style, make sure the jacket should end around the hips as the volume is intended around the middle.