How To Wear All White This Summer

I love wearing a crisp white outfit all year around, but there's something about wearing it in summer that makes me love it even more! White from head to toe is always a stand out look, here are some tips for dressing in this sleek colour and making it work for you!

Wearing lightweight fabric

Not only is wearing white much cooler in terms of temperature than an all black ensemble, but thinner fabric is definitely so much more comfortable for 40 degree days here in Australia! 

Going for the Bohemian look?

A flowing or full white skirt paired with a thin belt and a loose top can create a bohemian look. I love flowing skirts with a slit - They're easier to walk in and much more fun to style with a comfortable amount of leg showing rather than a full cinderella skirt! 

I opted for matching black leather look accessories with a western-style belt, a choker and a See By Chloe Bag (There are similar ones here!). 

Layers and layers of white also work well for a stunning outfit. Pairing your look with white accessories can look absolutely stunning, just make sure you're not preparing to eat anything messy!

Or, create a clean, polished look.

Bring the look together with accessories of the same colour and a structured handbag for a polished, clean outfit. Keep jewellery to only silver or only gold.

Combining textures such as silk or faux leather, lace, frills, chiffon and layers of off whites can break up the outfit and leave you feeling a little less like a bride! 

White pieces are so flexible and fun to experiment with. Stepping away from black as my go to colour, I'm going to be working hard to reach for white as much as I can this season! 

Shop my favourite white items below, some of the sites have sales on - not a bad time for a wardrobe update!