Tips for Wearing Monochrome in Winter - Series

Dressing for winter is one of my favourite things! Besides the cold weather and the rain, I really love rugging up with pants and coats. I've found myself turning to monochrome outfits when the weather looks a little gloomy outside. Monochrome looks just feel right at this time of the year! All of you reading from the Northern Hemisphere, you're probably better off reading one of my Summer posts like How To Wear All White in Summer or How To Style a Boho Playsuit.

Over winter I'll be posting a series of my favourite monochrome looks, each different in their own way! Monochrome is the easiest of outfits to turn to for a professional look, especially if you’re rushed and running 15 minutes late. 

Monochrome Winter Outfit

I had so much fun styling this outfit! I’ve worn culottes before in Japan, but I’ve never worn flared culottes. I’m not sure if I pulled the look off, but I definitely felt sassy sashaying around. When standing still the pants would sit normally, take a step and the extra fabric would swoosh around me like a skirt. 

Creating a silhouette

Silhouettes are so effective when it comes to single-colour outfits. Wearing something to compliment your figure, make a statement or create a new shape always brings an extra element of interest to a look. It’s something I really enjoy working on and creating my own outfits! 

I paired the wild and flowing culottes with a tight high neck top to contrast the strange silhouette I already had going on. I always choose one item to be flowy and the rest tight, or vice versa. You’ll be waltzing into fashion week with confidence once you ace this part! For accessories, I chose to (tried to) elongate what was left of my legs with a strappy pair of detailed heels. Toughen up any monochrome look with a snug faux leather jacket and a bag with zips and details! 



If you’re a regular around here, you’ll know I have no problem mixing silver, rose gold and gold jewellery. But when it comes to a one colour look, I definitely think you can make or break a look with mixing hardware! I love wearing all gold with a head to toe black look, and silver or rose gold with a completely white or neutral outfit. I will admit, here I did actually wear gold earrings with silver hardware! 

Let me know your own tips for a monochrome look! I love experimenting and trying new things with my outfits! 

Monochrome outfit

Earrings and Bag gifted by Colette by Colette Hayman