Why is everyone wearing RED?

Why is no one wearing Pantone's #1 colour of the year,  "Greenery"?

Since Paris, London and New York Fashion week, all I see on my feed is pops of Red!

Mastering the daring siren shade is an art. It's one of the more daring colours, making it much more daunting to wear.

There's so many amazing looks floating around this week styled with pops of red, head to toe looks and floor sweeping pants in full block colour. Whether its a deep red, crimson, a bright cherry red or a ruby shade, get it out of your wardrobe, dust it off and style it into your usual all-black look! Here are my tips to casually start slipping it into your everyday wardrobe.

My tips for wearing red:

1. Wear it as a pop of colour

Red is such an overpowering colour, it can make a huge statement when worn with an all black outfit. I'd recommend wearing red as a statement piece with a bag, an accessory or shoes.

Red shoes always make me smile, makes me think of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz - there's something so brave and unique about it. A classic heel or an ankle boot can easily be worked into any monochrome look!

2. Statement Handbag

A red bag with a full neutral outfit is probably the easiest way to start experimenting with such a bold colour. I love a red bag with an all white look, or combined with black and white gingham. Add your Dorothy-red heels and you've got yourself a fashion-week worthy outfit.

3. Just wanting to wear a tiny bit of red?

A red top - Wearing red and white stripes makes me think of a Parisian style outfit - Not too bold or loud, and just casual enough to look effortless. Combining this with denim, chambray or white bottoms will work well. Red and blue are almost opposing colours on the colour wheel, but remain harmonious enough together without blinding everyone you meet. 

Wearing red pants is probably the bravest way to wear red, ever. I love how red pants look with a crisp white shirt or a flowing white and black polka-dot blouse.

I instantly think of a retro look when I picture a red skirt! I think you definitely have to style it with the 90's in mind. High-waisted and tight or long and flowing, definitely play with a different fabric for a shirt - or make it interesting with a red leather skirt! 

4. If you're daring enough to brave an all-red outfit

This can be the scariest outfit to put together! Never overwhelm a red dress with accessories, let the dress speak for itself - especially if it's a detailed or laced dress. Wear neutral accessories - Black, white, grey. The outfit will stay as the focus and it won't be overshadowed or too confused by clashing accessories. Definitely stick with silver or gold jewellery, I wouldn't wear anything chunky like a watch or a necklace with red! 

5. Experiment!

Something I love about unexpected trends catching my eye is that I can't wait to scout my own wardrobe to see what pieces I can work with. Being brave with an outfit is something I really admire, especially for all of the girls in the photos below!

I hope you're loving red at the moment as much as I am. Let me know your thoughts on the trend below!