Unboxing: Peony Parcel - The Revitalise Edition

Peony Parcel Review 2017

This box couldn't have arrived on my doorstep at a better time, last week I started my very first full time job so I'm guessing you can imagine I needed some downtime this past weekend!

I've definitely become a huge advocate for self-care in the space of one short week. I'm realising how important it is to give my body and mind time to completely disconnect and relax, even if it's just for a few hours. 

Peony Parcel is a fairly new bi-monthly subscription box, it's almost like sending out a present to yourself full of gifts to remind you to relax and take a moment or two. With each box you're pampered with beauty, bath and gourmet treats, other boxes have also had stationary and candles inside! Each box delivers 3 to 5 full-size products along with some sample products to give a few things a try, or to pass it along to a friend if they need some time to relax. The number one thing I adore about this box is that each product is sourced from Australian brands. 

The lovely team at Peony Parcel kindly sent over a box of their March subscription box. I'll go through the Revitalise Edition and give you a sneak peek of what to expect from the Peony Parcel team!

Sal Remedia - Daily Grind Body Scrub

This is my favourite way to have my coffee, I'm not a big coffee drinker so this is my best wake up in the morning! Fresh grinds mixed with raw sugar. Twice a week I've been using this for the past two weeks, mixing with water and rubbing in circular motions on problem areas, cellulite, stretch marks etc. I normally step to the side of the water in the shower and do this. I haven't seen a difference in my problem areas yet, although the skin is noticeably smoother! Increasing blood flow to these areas is rumoured to be one of the best things! Definitely do a patch test before use, just to be safe!

Luma Cosmetics - Sheer Lipstick

This has got to be the best packaging, so simple and sleek. Super creamy, moisturising, and gives a natural looking tint. Not only does this lipstick contain Lanolin, Avocado, Jojoba and Evening Primrose Oils, they also don't test on animals! (Also no parabens, synthetic fragrances or artificial oils, it just gets better!)

The Mask Force - Super Girl Mask

I've been trying a few face masks at the moment, did you see the masks I picked up here at Lush recently? I've heard good things about The Mask Force, they're good for all skin types! This particular Super Girl Mask contains Blueberry Fruit Extract, Mandarin Oil, Evening Primrose Oil and a few other goodies, more details on their website

I've used this twice so far, in the evening after cleansing is my favourite time to use masks. The application is thin, more uses from the one tub! I found it to be super moisturising too!

Butt Naked Skinfood - Chai Lip Scrub

I'm not a big coffee drinker, you'll always find me with a Chai Latte or a Hot Chocolate. I found that using this before the Luma Lipstick helped the application to be so much smoother! I've used lip scrubs before, but nothing as organic as this one. I love the brown sugar and coconut oil mix!

The Tea Nomad - Shanghai Tea Test Tube

This was interesting to try, I love my tea but I never try anything out of my comfort zone. This tea is a combination of white tea, osmanthus and chrysanthemum flowers, rose petal and lychee essence. Sounds like a magic potion to me! It was absolutely beautiful, lovely to relax and sip during my little pamper session.

Popped - Sweet Popcorn Treat

Let's be honest this was eaten before I even looked at any of the products. Food is definitely the way to my heart, especially if it's popcorn. Sweet caramel popcorn... do I actually need to say anymore?

Peony Parcel review 2017

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