Instagram Trends: How To Style Fishnet Tights

Wearing: Hello Parry Gentlewoman top, Rebecca Minkoff Bag, Colette by Colette Hayman Charity Pom, Missguided fishnets and Zara Jeans


Have you seen the Fishnet Instagram Trend on your feed yet?

There's definitely a few questionable trends that come from Instagram, one could say that fishnet tights paired with beloved ripped boyfriend jeans are probably one of these trends. Pull out your old pair of tights from the Halloween costume box and get ready to mix it in with your everyday outfits.

Fishnets and Denim, how did this even start?

Aren't they both 'technically' pants? I've honestly never thought about wearing them both at the same time - unless you're talking thermal tights in the snow? Celebrities and bloggers are hitching their tights up under jeans, the giant denim rips with the fishnet peeking out. Somehow I don't think this combo is for warmth?

The trend definitely relates to 80's fashion, along with a bunch of other trends making a reappearance; tinted sunglasses, metallic shoes, leather skirts, fluffy leopard print coats, the list goes on! I probably wouldn't suggest wearing all of these trends at once, maybe just keeping it to one or two styles per look if you're experimenting! They're fun and nostalgic for a time period we can only experience through music, movies and also from your mum's bad photo album of her teenage years.

I remember a year or so ago watching Kim Kardashian and the Jenner sisters wearing the look. I didn't think too hard about it. Pia Mia wore red fishnets underneath her jeans and I thought it looked kind of okay, and that she probably just hadn't hired a personal stylist just yet. It seems like all of a sudden, everyone else's brains outside of the Kardashian world thought "HEY LETS DO THE TIGHTS THING" in unison. Now I can't scroll down three posts without seeing fishnets.

How to Style Fishnets into your wardrobe:

So as the look isn't for warmth, what is it for? You can use the trend to add another dimension to your look, to show between jeans and a cropped band shirt, wear it with a favourite pair of heels to change up the shoes you always wear, wear fishnets under a floral dress with a leather jacket for an edge on a girly look.

Wearing the Fishnets pulled above your waistline, imitating the #MyCalvins look has become quite popular. Filling the gap between jeans and a crop is super Insta-worthy. If you're not up for it, then wearing a top that just meets the top of your jeans will show a bit of fishnet between the two as you walk. Or you could just skip the pants altogether, some are wearing fishnets with Shirt Dresses and long hoodies. 

Perfectly paired with combat boots or the 'sock' style heeled boot gives the fishnet trend a finished look. The boots give the impression that you're probably supposed to be wearing the tights- and didn't just forget to take them off from being out the night before.

The final verdict

Paired trainers or flats, exposing the tights at the ankle and through ripped denim is the strangest way I've seen these tights styled... and admittedly my favourite.  

Is it a bad trend? I'm not sure. I didn't find it too uncomfortable or weird. The middle-aged people at a cafe nearby must have thought I was wearing a bit of a strange get-up. I think if you're going to wear this trend, you have to wear it confidently. Make a commitment to the look and style it to make yourself feel most comfortable.



I absolutely love Instagram and the power of Social Media, I even enjoy it so much that I work full-time in it! (Crazy I know) But sometimes you have to step back from this weird world, and you have to laugh at it. I'm planning to do these posts as a bit of a mini-series, I'm going to be trying and testing out these Instagram trends working out which ones are worth investing in!

Comment below and let me know which trend we should investigate next!