The Casual Designer Bag I Didn't Know I Needed

Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag Cosette | Izzy Wears Blog

The Balenciaga Motorcycle bag is one of the most successful 'it bags' and now I know why! It's perfect for everyday use, large enough inside to carry around more than just a phone and a purse and lastly, it looks casual and is comfortable to carry.

I adore the vintage look, it's a new bag but it already looks like something I love and use all the time! There's no logo which is rare, even for today! The lightness of the bag is always a plus for me (I have terrible shoulder problems!) and I can wear it over my shoulder or in the crook of my elbow. The bag became super popular in the early 2000's as it was the most accessible piece from Balenciaga and it was beginning to be worn by models and featured in magazines!

I did a little reading on why this bag was so popular, what made it so notable and I learned some things that made the bag even more interesting and valuable to me. Balenciaga designer at the time, Nicolas Ghesquière prototyped the bag for the 2001 Balenciaga show so that the models would be able to hold something while they walked the runway. It wasn't going to be produced and sold though! Accessories at the time were rigid, and the Motorcycle bag was soft and lightweight - the opposite of what was on trend and what everyone else was doing. Models like Kate Moss loved the prototype and all of a sudden it popped up in magazines and on the streets outside shows draped over models arms.

I wore this look for drinks after work with my partner, black pants, faux leather jacket, a white blouse, mules and the motorcycle bag from

Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag Cosette 2 | Izzy Wears Blog
Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag Cosette 1 | Izzy Wears Blog
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