Beach Picnic with Ete Swimwear

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The perfect West Australian Swimwear Label for your Christmas List

The bohemian-feminine label Ete Swimwear was created by Perth girl Jess in 2016. Can you believe she was just 22 when she started? The designs are inspired by feeling confident in swimwear, something I think we have all struggled with - even though we wish we didn’t. The range is so beautifully feminine and a little bohemian, something I can’t resist!

Have a look at the swimwear collections here.

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The Picnic

It was a windy Saturday afternoon as we made our way to Port Beach, North Fremantle for an exciting little event. Sometimes you just get a feeling before an event and you just know it’s gonna be a good one. We found the sweetest picnic set up, sheltered behind the rocks with a dozen other girls pouring their first glasses of wine and photographing the set up before it was demolished.

The beach picnic was the cutest idea for a Christmas party and I felt so lucky to be invited to such a beautiful and intimate party. Thank you so much to Jess from Ete swimwear for hosting the beautiful afternoon (and feeding me endless pink macarons), I loved the afternoon and I have passed my Christmas wish list of Ete Swimwear selections over to my partner for present ideas!


Hosted by: Jess from Ete Swimwear

Grazing Table: Grazing in Company & Perth Picnic Hire

Food: @rokkombucha @roarmode_ @ninamariesweetdesigns @macsbydree

Flowers: Start of May Perth

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