Chicks at the Flicks - Whitford Event Cinemas

Last week I was treated to a sweet evening at Whitfords Event Cinema, Chicks at the Flicks. 

Chicks at the Flicks includes a ticket to the gold lounge for you and the women you love to spend time with! Can be your friends, your mum, a grandma. Definitely, make sure they're someone that loves chick flicks though! 

The ticket includes drinks and nibbles in the gold class lounge before the movie, two recliner seats next to each other in the gold class cinema with a table between them, a three course meal, drinks as you please and a goodie bag! 

If you had to pause and breathe during that sentence, I'm sorry! It includes so much good stuff and I had to pack it all in here so you don't miss out! 

I watched The Mountain Between Us with Idris Elba and Kate Winslet. I'm not a huge chick flick person, but I do binge watch the classics every now and then! I'm not including any spoilers but I can say that I definitely enjoyed it comfortably with dinner and drinks! We started with a bruschetta entree followed by a a main dish with prawns. I'm not a huge fan of prawns but Sam loved them, that's a bonus about sitting next to a friend! Desert was amazing, I couldn't see it too well but I'm sure it was a waffle, ice cream and rocky road. 

While I was there I also checked out the recent renovations to the food area! It's so beautiful and it was bustling with families for dinner. I wish I could've hung around and tried out the restaurants. There are water features, outdoor sitting areas, so many new restaurants and gorgeous fairy lights and structures that give the area a summer vibe. I'm going to have to make another trip and let you know which restaurant is my favourite. Have you been to Whitfords to see the new restaurants yet? 

Chicks At The Flicks - Event Cinemas | Izzy Wears Blog
Chicks At The Flicks - Event Cinemas | Izzy Wears Blog
Chicks At The Flicks - Event Cinemas | Izzy Wears Blog

Thank you to the Events Cinemas team at Whitford for the invite, especially Sandi and Brooke!