How to Try Trends Without Breaking the Bank

Trends are coming and going as fast as I can change my mind. They're popping up from all angles - experimentation on Instagram, brands infiltrating the social space, paid campaigns and of course the runways. There are so many trends I've seen lately that I'd wanted to experiment with, I just don't have a huge disposable income to support it. For us who are students or working on a student wage, you need to know

At the moment Boohoo has 40% off everything!

The first time I shopped on Boohoo would have to be six years ago! They've been around for a long time but have recently upped their game in the fast fashion and trend space. I often try to buy slow-fashion pieces that can be restyled and re-worn over the years and there are definitely a few classic pieces on Boohoo that are great for it!

Be aware of Fast-Fashion

Mostly, fast fashion pieces are statement items to wear for a month and forget about. If you're into styling like this, please look at selling your clothing once you're finished with it, donating it to a womens shelter or sending it to salvos. Don't throw it in the bin! 

Which Items should I add to my cart?

I want you to be aware about your waste and just a little more conscious about where it's ending up! Anyway, onto the fun stuff. Here are the trending pieces I have my eyes on, which ones do you think I should add to my cart?

My Boohoo Sale Picks:

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