How To Wear Straight Leg Jeans

Jeans are something we’re always so picky about without realising. I always wear the same pair of black ripped high-waisted skinnies, in fact, I bought the two of the same pair because I knew I would wear them so much. Sometimes I go for a baggy pair of boyfriend jeans or a crisp white denim. Now as much as I love to wear these time and time again, I always like to try a new denim style and at least give it a chance to become a part of my favourite jeans trifecta club.

Straight leg jeans, a style I haven’t worn since I was probably 13. Recently I’ve been styling a pair of the Phoebe jeans in Harbour Blue from Forever New on my Instagram but I thought I could go into a bit more detail on here for anyone else who’s looking into getting some new jeans for winter.

Straight Leg Jeans Forever New

How to Wear Straight Leg Jeans

You’ve probably got a pair in your wardrobe, you just don’t know it yet. If you definitely don’t have a pair, I think you’ll find yourself needing these Phoebe jeans as much as I do.

Something to look out for when you’re finding your perfect pair of straight leg jeans is to either find an interesting hemline or something you can change up yourself.

If you go for something with a hemline different to the jeans you already own, they’ll stand out. If you want to create a different look with a ragged or cropped hemline, you’ll actually be able to show you’re wearing a different pair of pants instead of the usual I can wear these jeans two weeks in a row and no one will notice.

Straight Leg Jeans

I recommend getting a pair of straight leg jeans that can be worn as they are and also be cuffed to be worn as a crop style. This way, you’re almost getting two hemline styles in one pair. You can create the illusion that you’re wearing a different pair of pants when you’re actually on day nine of your two-week wear-time with this single pair of jeans. This is why I am in love with my Phoebe Forever New straight leg jeans! They’re long enough to wear as they are and loose enough to roll up once or twice and wear as a crop style too.

Styling Straight Leg Jeans For Winter

1. With a Chunky Knit - Dressing it down looks comfortable and is perfect for everyday wear, especially if you’re just heading to uni and sitting around in lectures all day. I’d go with an oversized knit if you can, it makes the outfit look a bit more effortless and seriously, who doesn’t love being snug in a chunky knit anyway.

How to wear straight leg jeans

I paired my jeans with the Sammy Chevron Stitch Jumper because of its oversized sleeves and stitched details.

2. A Blouse - Here, I styled my straight leg jeans with the Aria Embroidered Cutwork Blouse, pale pink with bohemian vibes. It’s another casual look for winter with intricate details to contrast with the simple straight leg jeans. It’s also an easy way to stay warm in long sleeves rather than just whipping out the merino turtleneck. Blue straight leg jeans would also look amazing with a crisp white blouse. I’m the world's biggest fan of denim and a white blouse. It’s just a classic and it always works no matter what.

3. With a Longline Coat - I always think that wearing a long coat with straight leg jeans poking out of the end is so cute! It just looks different and I really like wearing this look myself, especially because it’s like another layer on top of my jeans to keep my ass warm. I think it can look very chic if you’re wearing basic heels/pumps in a classic style, paired with a blouse, scarf a detailed bag.

4. Checkered Blazer - Straight leg jeans can be so casual, dressing it up with a checkered or pinstripe blazer instantly dresses it up. Even go with a tweed Chanel-style jacket if you really want to dress it up. As soon as I put on a blazer I always feel like the Parisian I wish I was.

Keep an eye on my Instagram to see how I style these jeans throughout winter! I'll add new photos to this post as Winter continues to creep up on me! 

Note: For shoes, I personally would NEVER style ankle boots with straight leg jeans. The jeans are a style that can cut your leg off at the ankle and look best with a heel to elongate your leg or a sneaker to really show the straight leg style in a casual way. An ankle boot already cuts off the leg at the ankle and I think pairing them with jeans that can possibly do the same, is a bit like hey look at my ankles, oops nope they’re gone. I always stick my ankle boots to cropped trousers or skinny jeans, anything else just freaks me out.

Shoes from Forever New that I recommend for wearing with Straight Leg Jeans: