I Found The Darkest Tan for Summer 2018

Le Tan Uber Dark Range-2.jpg

It's Summer in Australia and I have less time to spend trying catch some sun. I need my tan to appear quickly and as dark as possible for events and weekends. Plus, I generally feel better with a tan... who doesn't?

I was kindly sent each of the shades from the new Le Tan Uber Dark range and I trialled them over November and December. The perfect months to fool my friends and family members that I've been living an active lifestyle and going outside...

I have never had so many compliments on my tan before, it was unreal. I've added a few of my Instagram posts with tan on for reference, it seriously looked so natural! 

Le Tan Uber Dark Range.jpg

Top points:

  • Fragrance free (No fake-tan smell!)
  • Cruelty free
  • Darkest tan I've ever worn
  • Long-lasting (5+ days)
  • Elbows, knees, ankles and hands looked less dry/flaky
  • Foam application

Which colour did you use?

I personally loved the Uber Dark Marula Oil. It's an all rounder shade, matching with skin tones that respond well to false tan. My skin tone is relatively neutral, a mix of pink and yellow undertones. My arms and face are a slightly more pink and freckly whereas the rest of me is definitely more yellow-toned. The best part? It blends my freckles together and keeps my skin moisturised.

I apply my tan before bed, wait for it to dry and then sleep for 6+ hours, showering in the morning to wash off the ta residue. I always try to apply tan at least half an hour before sleeping to allow for drying time.

I noticed the Marula Oil tan lasted longer than other shades. Keeping my skin moisturised during the developing stage made a huge difference.

Which shade of LeTan Uber Dark Tan should I use?

Marula Oil Tan:

An "all-rounder" with hydrating factors from Marula Oil.

Green Base Tan:

A dark olive-brown tan suiting all skin tones

Violet Base Tan:

For people who are lucky enough to tan in the sun naturally.

Ash Base Tan:

Naturally fair-skinned

Have you tried the new Uber Dark range yet? Let me know which shade worked best for you!



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