What to Wear to a Festival

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Festival season in Australia is well underway with bigger and better lineups that ever before. I've got my eye on a few coming up! The biggest at the end of July, Splendour in the Grass. But, what to wear to Splendour? I've been attending festivals for around seven years and I'm definitely not an expert at festival dressing but I do have a few life hacks and tips for festival goers! 

What to wear to Splendour in the Grass:

One Statement item

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When it comes to festival season there's always so many new clothes I want to wear all at once. Styling yourself for a festival should always start with one item you absolutely love. Make this the 'hero' of your outfit and base the rest around this one piece. The rest of your outfit should compliment the statement piece, relating in colour, pattern or details.

Eg. Above, my starry playsuit was the statement piece. I would normally choose a skirt or a detailed leotard like below, but this playsuit stole my heart so I had to wear it. Normally I would suggest against wearing a playsuit because you do have to strip down in the port-a-loo but if you love it enough, make it work!

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I styled the Lenni The Label playsuit with black leather-look accessories, bag, belt and boots. I kept all of the metal details to silver chains on the belt, bag details and starry jewellery too. 

It's always fun to add a theme to your look. I kept with the star details on my playsuit and jewellery but I would have loved to wear nude coloured boots too! In my eyes, a colour coordinated outfit always looks good.


I ALWAYS wear boots to festivals even if I know it's not going to be muddy. Mud is everyones worst enemy anyway. If I'm wearing boots, I'm about 6cm taller than usual and I can see over so many more people in the crowds. I get to see more of the band I love and I get to stomp around all day too. Your boots will save you from getting wet or dirty feet all day and night 

Festival Outfit Ideas | Izzy Wears Blog

Tips on what to wear to a festival:

  1. Always be comfortable. Don't wear something that you'll be adjusting all day.
  2. Take a small bag - Your ID, phone and bank card WILL fall out of your pockets.
  3. Wear boots - Height for seeing your favourite bands. Never ever wear opened toed or white shoes. You might as well wear no shoes. 
  4. Try not to wear a playsuit. You have to get nudie in the port-a-loo
  5. Take a hair tie. Sweaty hair isn't always fun and sometimes the security spray water into the crowds on hot days.
  6. Don't wear a onesie, please no.

Festival Hacks:

  1. Print a copy of the festival schedule - Your phone will most likely die.
  2. Plan your day. Decide which acts you'll go to at what time and highlight them on the schedule. Make sure all of your mates have a schedule too!
  3. Decide on a meeting point. This never works but at least choose a place and time to meet after the festival.
  4. Eat before you go and at the festival! I believe this has saved my life numerous times. Normally they have pizza at festivals and it's so worth it.
  5. Back up your phone before you go. If you lose it, no worries. 
  6. Take a portable charger. Best decision you'll ever make in your whole life. 
  7. Stuff a poncho in your bag if it's a winter festival. 
  8. Take a cheap pair of sunnies just incase you lose them or they break.
  9. If it's a multiple day festival, make a flag for the top of your tent or camp near a landmark you'll easily find when you're drunk. Don't camp near a walkway or a toilet!
  10. Don't forget a mallet to smack the tent picks into the ground. 

That's all the tips I have at this stage, I'll have to update after this season! Good luck for combating your festivals and stay safe.

Let me know which festival hacks are your favourites or if you have some of your own!