Mugler Alien Flora Futura Fragrance Review

We are All Alien

I think I can definitely say I am a very guilty fragrance collector. From where I am sitting to type this, I can see twenty bottles on my bookshelf. I don’t use them very often, normally only for going out to dinner or on the weekends. Each scent is unique in it’s own way, encased inside of a beautifully detailed glass bottle, just as equally unique as the scent itself. Every season there is one particular scent from my little collection that sticks in my mind. It attaches itself to the very thoughts and memories of that specific time, encompassing emotions and moments within it. I have a few bottles on my shelf that remind me of past summers, holidays, birthdays and even a scent that reminds me of my late teenage years! I have been wondering which scent will take my fancy for this Spring, what do these warmer months hold for me?

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The new Alien Flora Futura fragrance by Mugler is a scent to remember. We’re only a few weeks into Spring and I’m labelling this as my Summer scent already. Before we get to the fragrance, I have to tell you about the beautiful bottle. he talisman-like bottle makes me think of a huge precious gem, a shard of peachy pink kryptonite. The geometric shape of the Alien bottle is to encapsulate the meaning “flower of the future”. This bottle is a different hue to the original Alien fragrance. It’s a pink quartz colour, glimmering different shades of feminine orangey-pink as the light moves through the dimensions of the glass. Not dissimilar from the early skies at dawn on clear morning.
My bottle arrived packaged with a luminous white textured mystery box, with gold embossed writing ‘ALIEN MUGLER’. Inside lay a picture disk viewer, like the 3D ViewMaster with one reel of images. Congratulations if you’re old enough to know what that is without searching on Google images! The image reel is eerie, images of perfect extraterrestrial looking human life forms on other planets. Purple and orange colours creating a vision of the futuristic landscape of the unknown. Inside there was also a small envelope with a link to information about the new fragrance and two gold pins. One as a hashtag symbol # and the other spelling out ‘WE ARE ALL ALIEN’. A cute pack, making the delivery just that little bit more special.

Mugler Alien FLora Futura Fragrance Review

The Scent:

Perfumers Dominique Ropion and Jean-Christophe Hérault have created this scent for Mugler, involving three parts to the fragrance to make up the entirety of the futuristic floral scent. Merging crisp freshness, Jasmine as the “flower of the future” and an enveloping creaminess creates a certain feminine softness that is also strange and different. It has been described as “Alien Flora Futura celebrates the birth of a world of light, the miracle of revitalised nature and an arid desert that has become fertile, as a sign of hope for a better tomorrow.”.

Main ingredients in Alien Flora Futura by MUGLER

Buddha’s Hand: A citrus fruit with unique characteristics, a little bit zesty but similar to lavender. It’s sweet scent is created by combining the pulp and zest together, encompassing a subtle tangy side to the fruit with fresh cloverleaf notes.

Jasmine: Warm, opulent notes of the Jasmine flower are sweet and rich. With slight masculine undertones, it gives a certain fullness to the fragrance.

Queen of the Night Cactus Flower: I had to do a bit of research about this scent, I’ve never used a perfume with this before! It’s a cactus species that rarely blooms and only ever at night and the flowers will wilt before dawn. The fragrance of the flower is fresh and a little bit herbal, chiming in on the zest from the Buddha’s Hand. After a moment, it settles into a powdery, potent melange of flower and fruit notes. The floral notes are a sweet, fresh and light scent with a lingering touch of warmth and welcoming. The velvety jasmine seeps through as the forefront of the floral combination while the fragrance develops into a milky softness.

Flora Futura changes on my skin as time passes. It’s very floral to begin with, bright and sweet. After a while it calms into a woody-floral-creamy aurora with a hint of sandalwood.

Let’s be honest, if the fragrance itself doesn’t convince you, the bottle looks absolutely divine on my shelf. So mysteriously beautiful in it’s own peachy ways.

Get it:

Eau de Toilette 30ml $85

Eau de Toilette 60ml $115

Available at David Jones, Myer and some pharmacies from 2nd September 2018

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