Murad City Skin Overnight Detox Moisturiser Review

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Yes, I've been using the Murad City Skin Overnight Detox Moisturiser

You’re here looking for a new moisturiser, or looking to change up your skincare routine? Or maybe you’ve landed here because you just absolutely love reading my blog, right? Today I’m definitely talking about moisturising, why I love it so much and a product I’ve been loving these last few months. I own a lot of moisturisers (obsessed) and this is one I always reach for.

I wrote about the Murad City Skin moisturiser recently in my September Favourites blog post when I initially began using the moisturiser and my first thoughts. I was sent City Skin for content creation work on Instagram where I use a product for around two weeks before posting about it - Now I use City Skin almost daily. It’s like we went on a blind date and actually ended up liking each other. That’s how my published skincare posts always seem to go!

I still use Murad City Skin before bed just like back in September. It's an overnight detoxifier for revitalising skin. It's full of antioxidants from Marrubium Plant Stem Cells and Vitamin C.

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I massage it into my skin with my fingers and it begins to absorb without marks or wetness. I moisturise my neck/chest with any leftover product on my hands. I only notice a small amount is still on the top layer of skin when I was my face in the morning. The consistency is in the middle ground - creamy, not thick but also not watery. It feels like a Smashbox primer.

The smell isn’t fragrant, I find it comforting with no-smell skincare that I’m not putting extra chemicals on my face. Something I love about this is the bottle! The pump is so smart and definitely feels hygienic. There's a hole in the top of the 'lid', I press and the moisturiser comes out of the centre and I wipe it away with my finger - No annoying squeeze tube and no awkward stick pump! This will be perfect for packing for a holiday too.

I remember having a tiny breakout the first night I used this, but I was determined to give it a fair go and see what it actually did for my skin! I originally kept my skincare routine the same and swapped Murad into it. Recently while Christmas is coming up, I have been much more careless (and just exhausted) so I will apply this before bed - with or without other eye creams, the Originals PH Serum, or a sheet mask earlier that evening.

I have been getting spots, some days worse than others but I will always put this down to my lifestyle and I definitely blame cheese. I don’t think I know a single person that doesn’t get spots (Except maybe Victorias Secret models and all their skin secrets). Despite hormonal spots, wearing makeup all day long and not including enough fitness lately - my skin has been supple and soft. The moisturiser has botanical extracts to plump and brighten skin, along with reducing the appearance of fine lines, I've definitely noticed each of these happening!

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There are so many factors that contribute to how your skin looks and I think it’s unfair to narrow it down to one product to improve your skin.- that's a lot of pressure on the product to perform. Overall I do love this moisturiser and it feels good applying it and waking up in the morning with hydrated and plump skin.

Side Note: It's important to take a look at your diet if you're using quality products and still have bad skin or are uncomfortable. Please see a dermatologist if you haven't found a solution to work for you yet! I wish I saw one when I was in high school - so many regrets! 

[Update: I was featured in the Husskie Press article about Murad Skincare]