Do See The Wonderful with Pandora

Celebrate yourself

The newest Pandora campaign is delivering one of my favourite messages - “Do be true to you”. It is about empowering women through their jewellery, encouraging and recognising the qualities that we personally value such as strength, integrity, the symbolism of the jewellery, femininity etc. 

This works so nicely with Pandora as it’s always been a brand I can personalise to suit my own style. I’ve loved my Pandora since I was 18 (although I secretly wanted one since I was 16) and I have collected so many personal and favourable memories on my bracelet alone. Moments that I am so proud of, given to me by those who are proud of those moments too.

In terms of the campaign, empowering other women is something I believe in doing every single day. I see so much of this in the Perth women's small business community and I admire it so much. Lifting each other up, promoting each other and lending encouragement, tips and tricks to the others around them. It is a really great way to build a community of strong, confident and independent women - an important way to be in business! I see a little bit of this in the blogging world, although I wish I saw a lot more of it. Sharing knowledge and advice to give others a leg up is something I have always tried to do (hopefully I have helped some people along the way!). 

My Favourite Pieces:

The campaign is also about confidence within yourself. This is something I have always felt I had handled well, but every now and then there are moments that make me feel insecure, small and pretty insignificant. It could be a candid photo on Instagram, not landing that awesome campaign, having a crappy day at work or someone else has achieved the goal I was aiming for - it can definitely dampen my mood some days! Over the years I have realised that It is important to feel positive for other successful women around me and to remember that someone else success is never equal to my own failure. 

It’s definitely getting more difficult with so much imagery and a hundred expectations floating around in our everyday lives, it can be easy to get bogged down. I take time to recoup and remind myself to focus on my own goals, my own work then knuckle down and get shit done.

Enough soppy talk from me, I love this campaign and I was lucky enough to collaborate with Pandora to spread this message. One day I hope that we will not consistently compare ourselves to others, that we can feel confident and secure in ourselves and what we’re doing and eventually, I hope that I will not have to call female leaders “Female Leaders” and just call them “Leaders”. In the future I hope bloggers will not have to write posts about empowering women, it should be a given.

Basically, my message from this is to keep being a boss. 

Photographed by Jana from Billie and Peaches (@billieandpeaches), featuring my two inspiring and beautiful friends Jade and Chelsea. 

Posted in collaboration with Pandora, all pieces of jewellery are loan items