McArthur Skincare review

McArthur product trials

You all know I’ve been trialling so many beauty products over the last two months, it’s been so crazy fitting everything in on a schedule! I have been using these McArthur products for the last few weeks and intermittently between other product trials too, I just couldn’t help myself! I already use the hand cream moisturiser pretty much every morning. The amazing effects of Pawpaw can be rejuvenation and promote skin renewal, that’s why it’s always the perfect ingredient in lip balms and moisturisers! 

The McArthur products contain their own Pawpaw extract (papaya) in a high-concentrate. I’m so impressed by this, so many other products that claim to have pawpaw can have only 2% pawpaw in them! Another thing I love about this Australian skincare company is that they don’t use petrochemicals, parabens or any added sulphates. I think this is so important when you’re putting these products onto your skin, the largest organ you have! 

Let me know in the comments if you’ve used McArthur and what you loved about them!

Muscle Aches and Pain Cream

I’m going to start with my favourite product first for a change! I have been using this so much while training at F45 and I’ve been applying this as often as I can, especially at home after resistance training days! There is no immediate cure for aches or inflammation and I normally have an ibuprofen if I am unbearably sore after a workout. The cream is definitely nice for a small ache or slight inflammation, I wouldn’t rely on it as a complete cure.

The cream is soothing and easy to apply. I found that it was absorbed by my skin reasonably fast and I wasn’t left with any oily residues that could rub off onto my clothes. It’s a lightweight beige coloured cream and is light to apply and rub in. The tube is super easy to take in my handbag and I should probably keep it in my desk drawer at work!

Because I keep it at home, I apply this before going to bed most nights. Often after training I head straight to work in the morning so I always start feeling sore around the afternoon or evening. The cream works perfectly in time with my schedule, easing a bit of muscle pain before going to bed always helps me to fall asleep faster. So necessary for 4:30AM wake-ups! 

Aloe Vera and Arnica are two of the main ingredients, both are used in herbal medicine for mild muscle pain relief. I have noticed that it doesn’t relieve really strong pain, strained or pulled muscles, but it is definitely my go-to soothing product after a good workout.

Hydrating Facial Cream

I was so excited to try this hydrating cream, my skin gets so dry in Winter that it’s pretty much impossible for me to wear a matte foundation. My skin can be a little sensitive to fragrance but not always. I loved that this cream only had a very light fragrance, I can’t put my finger on the scent but it was definitely a ‘natural’ smell, whereas some other creams can smell quite chemical. 

It absorbed into my skin pretty quickly and felt supple and smooth afterwards. I often used this after washing my daily makeup off so I could wear the cream before bed for a while and also to bed. It can be worn in the morning but I normally do most of my routine in the morning (It’s hard to carry a full skincare routine to the gym bathroom in the morning!).

I always moisturise my neck with this cream too. I normally have combination skin, a little dryer in winter and I loved that this cream wasn’t suffocating my skin or oily. I felt like I had a light layer of product that was comfortable and breathable.

Foaming Facial Cleanser

The cleanser comes in a pack with the Hydrating Facial Cream as a little duo pack, they work so well together! I have been using the cleanser when I get home from work to remove my makeup before getting in the shower, or if I’m not going out later on. Normally when I get home I’m straight in the shower and into pj’s, even if it’s 5 pm! 

The pump bottle is perfect, I never use too much product. I wet my face with warm water and use the cleanser in a circular motion, I rinse and normally do this a second time just to be sure. At the moment, using it at night is the best I can do - The mornings are spent getting ready quickly in a gym changing room haha! I shower and then afterwards use a micellar water, especially around my hairline I find I miss washing off some foundation! 

Complete Skincare Soap

When I receive soaps to review, I often pop them into the shower and use it for a few weeks before something new comes along. So currently I have about 4 different soaps in my shower waiting for their day of the week! My partner loves it and he definitely has his favourites. We don’t often get to use a bar of soap, so we found these to be super interesting. 

My skin felt moisturised, smooth and clean after washing with the soap bar. I wasn’t left with that plastic residue, I can’t explain - other soap bars can leave your skin kind of dry and grippy like the moisture is stripped away. Safe to say this soap bar is one of our new favourites, lucky it came in a pack of 3! 

Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional.

*Products have been sent to me in exchange for a review or payment. Products are all used and tested over a 2 week period at a minimum. All opinions and reviews are honest and my own. Brands understand and acknowledge that I will always express my true, honest opinion and experiences when agreeing to send me products.

I am not a trained makeup artist, please test the products or ask for professional advice in store.