Puffer Jacket Street Style Trend

I think this trend started in the Northern Hemisphere's winter around the end of 2016, but because Australia is always behind on everything - We’re only just seeing it here as the weather cools down and we start dusting off our warm clothes for another winter. This trend is an interesting one, I always get excited when fashion and practicality come together.

My thoughts about Puffer jackets are varied, are they another Instagram trend? How do you even style a puffer jacket? Do I look like a tourist? Nope, I actually look like Michelin man’s younger less-cool sister. I thought I’d explore this comfy trend and see what all the fuss was about.

Puffer Jacket 3 | Izzy Wears Blog
Puffer Jacket | Izzy Wears Blog

Puffer Jackets on the runway

This trend was seen on more than a few runways recently and has taken off as a bold outerwear trend. This jacket has been revived by Balenciaga, DKNY, Raf Simmons and of course, Vetements. From these runways, it looks like the more oversized and bold, the better! Red puffer jackets are a stark contrast in colour and silhouette, they’re dramatic and obvious - so street style is ramping it up rather than playing it down with this jacket.

How to wear a puffer jacket

Tight or fitted clothing works well for an oversized statement piece. My favourite way to wear this jacket is to keep the rest of the outfit minimal and sleek. Wear the puffer jacket trend with a tee, jeans, boots and a small crossbody bag. Or worn with trainers or mules and a midi skirt to style the athleisure street trend at the moment! Better yet, shrug it off your shoulders - especially if you’re a blogger. Wearing jackets normally just aren't cool anymore?

Black Puffer Jacket | Izzy Wears Blog

Puffer Jackets in Japan

I noticed puffer jackets everywhere when I was in Japan! It seemed logical though, in January, it was absolutely freezing most days. Even when I left Hokkaido and stayed in Asakusa, people were still wearing them on the city streets like it was normal! I thought everyone was just really prepared for a blizzard. I definitely wish I picked one up while I was there, I’ll be sure to stock up when I go next year.

Have you styled a puffer jacket yet?

Puffer Jacket and a Slip Dress | Izzy Wears Blog
Puffer Jacket with slip dress | Izzy Wears Blog

I also love this story by Vogue on the history of puffer jackets. Who knew that Kathmandu’s best seller would have such a ‘fashion’ based history?

Here, I'm wearing the Glassons Bomber Puffer Jacket *Not sponsored