How To Stop Wearing Black This Winter

4 outfits that prove you need a brown coat in your wardrobe!

The one thing I love about Winter is layering. Ditch your black coats and jackets for a bit of colour! Everyone turns to wearing black in Winter, it's the easiest thing to pick up off the floor in the morning and just throw on. While black can look chic and it's always timeless, it can also get a little boring if you're wearing it to the office every day!

The classic camel coat has been in my wardrobe for around three years now, maybe four! Neutral shades are easy to wear, so they'll work well with pretty much everything you already own. I've seen this look styled so many times this season already, and we still have two months left of Winter! I personally love pairing my brown outwear with a white or black outfit.

If you're somewhere super cold, you might want to check out how to style a puffer jacket instead! Trust me, it's somehow on-trend? Or grab some tips on finding your perfect leather jacket - It's another favourite jacket of mine for Winter!

How a camel coat changes a look

We all have a black coat, a black jacket, or even a grey coat. These coats are great for your Winter wardrobe, but they can become a little repetitive season after season!

I love wearing a neutral coloured coat with my usual workwear in an attempt to change it up a little. It feels like I'm wearing a whole new outfit, even if I wear the same pants as yesterday (I'm a serious outfit repeater at the office!).

This shade can be bold, demanding and neutral at the same time. I find it can give an outfit a sophisticated edge, plus it makes it look like I put a bit of thought into my outfit early in the morning!

How to wear the Tan Moto Jacket

The Moto Jacket adds the perfect amount of casual cool to a look. It definitely brings the whole outfit together as a more styled look, rather than just a dress thrown on with a bag! I have this jacket in a black version too, it works with every outfit. The details of the collar, buttons and the suede made me fall in love with this jacket immediately.

Styling the Sherpa Coat

This coat is a little bolder than the others, the faux sherpa lining makes it the warmest though! It's thick and feels a little heavy, that's how you know it's good quality and keep you from freezing! The Sherpa details seen on the arms and base of the coat make it unique and slightly bohemian. It definitely feels like I should be frolicking around Byron in Winter when I wear this.

The thing I love about Sherpa coats is that the bohemian edge is always there without trying too hard to make it work. Pairing this coat with almost anything will make you feel like you're road-tripping to Utah. I think this would work perfectly with a pair of brown boots and blue cropped flared jeans, just for the sake of it

The Teddy Bear Coat

You've likely seen this cosy coat floating around social media lately. The over-sized bundle of warmth is on repeat in my Winter wardrobe this month. I wear this as a statement piece with a plain monochrome outfit, stomping boots and a cross-body bag. 

I hope these looks have inspired you to take a brown coat off the hanger in the morning and leave your black one behind. Styling with nudes and camel tones looks great for your Winter wardrobe, and it always helps to branch out from what we're comfortable with!


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