Avene Skincare Review for Winter Skin

How To Fix Dry Winter Skin

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been switching up my normal skincare routine and using Avene products daily! If you caught my InstaStories you would've seen my huge spread of products! You’ve probably seen Avene at your Priceline or chemist, the products are often fragrance-free, alcohol-free and perfect for sensitive skin. 

I think we all struggle with dry skin in Winter! It's the worst when I have combination skin normally and there are dry and oily areas that I just can't seem to control at the same time. For the last two weeks, I've woken up with plump skin and little to no spots at all! This is amazing for my skin in winter. Normally I break out from using too many moisturisers!

I have tried and tested each of these Avene products to see which ones fit into my skincare routine seamlessly, and what I was missing out on! 

Avene Skincare Review 1 | Izzy Wears Blog

My favourites from this haul were definitely the Aqua cream-in-gel, the micellar water and the hydrating serum! These three have become part of my everyday routine now.

Aqua Cream-In-Gel Review | Izzy Wears Blog

Aqua Cream-in-Gel

This has got to be my favourite product out of all the Avene products I've been trying! I love that I can apply this any time of the day and under my daily makeup! The texture is smooth and refreshingly cool to apply, it smells sweet too!

I have been using this around my eye area, forehead and cheeks and after a week I have noticed my skin looks a lot brighter and healthier! I feel as though I'm feeding my skin the moisture it needs overnight and during the day too. This is super important to me as my skin is almost always dry in parts!! Dry skin is the worst for applying foundation, so creating an even layer of moisturised skin has been a breakthrough for my makeup routine! 

Avene Skincare Review | Izzy Wears Blog
Avene Skincare review | Izzy Wears Blog

Cleansing Foam

I use this pretty much every day when I arrive home from work. I'm the type of person that can't sit in makeup after work. I need to clean my face off and start fresh if I'm going out - or I shower and change into pj's pretty much as soon as I get home! I love this foam for when I want to wipe off my foundation and apply a fresh layer for an event later on in the evening or to dinner. It's definitely a product I've been using for a quick makeup removal where I'll use the micellar and toning lotion after a shower to make sure all my makeup is removed!

Micellar Lotion

I’m a big fan of micellar water! I wear makeup almost every day so I find that this is a vital step in my skincare routine. I normally use 2-3 cotton face pads with a splash of the micellar water. After the gym, this is always the best way to remove my makeup before a shower! I find that I feel so much more refreshed and ready for the day, especially after a 6am training session - I want to look refreshed too! 

Gentle Toning Lotion

Before using the toning lotion did have to shake the bottle a little.  A murky gathering of the product sits at the bottom so it’s always best to shake before use. I love that this had a sweet smell and is alchohol free! I’m used to no smell, or the stench of Witchazel!  

I use this after a long day at work or after an event where I've been wearing heavy makeup all night! I love this as an extra cleaner for removing my makeup and any dirt from the day. I especially focus around my nose and hollows of my cheeks where I'm most prone to little outbreaks of acne.

The bottle is slim and it’ll be easy to pack for a trip away or overseas! If I’m going on a longer trip than usual I normally use up travel size items so it’s always at the forefront of my mind to take something that’s already reasonably compact and easy to pack! 

Aqua Cream-In-Gel, Gentle Toning Lotion, Cleansing Foam.

Aqua Cream-In-Gel, Gentle Toning Lotion, Cleansing Foam.

Hydrating Serum, Soothing Moisture Mask, Soothing Eye Contour Cream.

Hydrating Serum, Soothing Moisture Mask, Soothing Eye Contour Cream.

Soothing Eye Contour Cream

I use this every second night, it’s so soothing after cleansing and toning! I haven’t seen any dramatic results yet, but my skin does feel softer around my eyes. At the end of a long day, my makeup definitely looks much better around the outer edges of my eyes where my foundation would normally sink into fine lines.

Soothing Moisture Mask

There is honestly nothing better than finishing a long day at work, getting home and doing a mask before an early night! I honestly live for this now, I get tired so easily with my crazy early mornings. 

Hydrating Serum

I use this at the same time as the eye contour cream, everywhere but around my eyes! I have normal to dry skin but in Winter it's definitely more on the dry side. It’s the most annoying thing dealing with dry skin, there are so many steps involved in keeping skin supple! I also love that this is paraben free! 

This step is another important one for me, it means I can wake up knowing that my skin is going to be easy to apply foundation on. There are lots of other benefits but this is my main one! The clearer and more hydrated my skin is, the faster my makeup routine is in the morning. This also means I’m using less product trying to cover blemishes or dealing with dry patches! It's a win-win situation for me!

Thermal Spring Water

This is definitely a summer product for me! A mist of cool water is the best on a hot day. I’m going to stash this in the top drawer in the office for sure.

Thermal Spring Water and Micellar Lotion.

Thermal Spring Water and Micellar Lotion.


*Products have been sent to me in exchange for a review or payment. Products are all used and tested over a 2 week period at a minimum. All opinions and reviews are honest and my own. Brands understand and acknowledge that I will always express my true, honest opinion and experience when agreeing to send me products.

I am not a trained makeup artist, please test the products or ask for professional advice in store.