The Best Black Boots for Winter

Around July last year, silhouette sock boots were clinging to models ankles and walking down runways for Dior, Givenchy and Vetements. I loved these boots last year and I thought they’d quickly become a fad, the Chelsea boot isn’t beatable, is it?

Now, a year since I first saw them, sock boots are still going strong. I was gifted a pair by Public Desire in June last year before seeing them on the runway and after seeing them at Mercedes Benz Fashion week in May. I think Kim Kardashian had a bit to do with that? Not too sure. Anyway, I finally bought my first two Senso pairs in May and two new Tony Bianco pairs in July this year.

I have been looking at them online a lot, and I'd definitely say this online shoe store is definitely the best for sock boots. Especially if you're on a budget, they have the most variety at the most inexpensive pricing! It's great for finding dupes for your favourite designer brands and boots like Kim's. They sent me my first sock boot and I am forever grateful. Or, the Iconic always has some great ones on sale.

Here I'm wearing the Tony Bianco Diddy Black Lycra Heeled Sock Boot. They're a pointed toe with a wood stack heel, stretching about 1/3 up my shin. I have another pair, the Malo Open Toed Lycra Sock Boot, they're a stacked block heel with an open toe - So similar to Diddy but just with a few minor differences!

I’d like to thank these boots personally for extending the life of so many of my cropped jeans into Winter and for saving me from cold feet on nights out in the city. I feel like I haven’t had to purchase new jeans this winter because these boots reach the cuff, preventing my ankles from developing something surely horrid like frost bite on our coldest Winter days. 

I wish I bought them earlier. I have never worn a boot that’s been so flattering all the time and with every outfit. I don’t even have slim ankles at all and they manage to make me look like I do. That’s what I call fashion magic. I have absolutely loved Chelsea boots since I can remember, I have so many pairs! The only thing wrong with all of these boots is that they’re just not wearable with everything. Lower boots will cut my leg off at the ankle and give me stumps. Not the best look with a dress, but totally fine with jeans.  The sock boot isn’t too low or too high to wear to work and it definitely isn’t uncomfortable even though it might look it. 

Here are images and links of the sock boots I currently own. Some are a little more out there (Note the glitter), but I’ve found that they’re completely wearable. They’re a bit of a squeeze to get onto my feet to begin with, so if you have wide feet like me - you might have to put up a fight for a little while. It’s so worth the wrestle though.

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At the moment, my most favourite pair of sock boots is definitely the Diddy Tony Bianco Boots. I’ve loved a pointed shoe since my first pair of pointed sandals in 2011 and I haven’t budged since. My other favourite pair of pointed heels are these Witter shoes. 

I think the only negative thing I can say about these boots is the regret I have for not getting myself some earlier on. I’ll still wear my current pairs to death, but think of all the outfits I could’ve worn!

I remember Vetements being the most stand out sock boot I’d seen, mimicking an actual Bic sock and eliminating the need to wear any with your boots at all. The kitten heel topped it off, it was officially the weirdest greatest boot I’d ever seen and I loved it for absolutely no reason at all.

Around the same time, Kim Kardashian was wearing figure hugging nude looks with tight sock boots too… and I think she was pregnant? Now I never thought I’d follow a trend that a Kardashian wore, simply because I don’t have a personal trainer to whip me into shape every day - but here I am.

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*This post is not sponsored in any way. Shoes by Public Desire were gifted to me in July 2016.