Sass & Bide Returns to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia

The most anticipated event of MBFWA was Sass & Bide’s return to the runway. The show ‘Fiesta Barcelona’ was presented at Carriageworks in Sydney on the Fashion Week schedule, returning to Sydney for the first time since their last show in 2003.

For their first Australian show in 14 years, endless crowds of Fashion Industry designers, buyers, media, bloggers and celebrities flocked to the last door of Carriageworks - The entrance to the largest room in the building. The celebration brought out a group of Australian Fashion A-list celebrities in including Sarah Ellen, Mimi Elashiry and Jennifer Hawkins.

After squeezing through the door, we were presented with a makeshift wall, draped in a blanket of delicate tissue paper patterns. The media wall was busy with Australian celebrities swarmed by paparazzi. Walking further into the room, the runway was square shaped and covered the edge of the room, allowing guests enough room to sit or stand on the outer edge. The same decorative tissue paper covered the entirety of the inner square with red lighting dramatically colouring the designs, and as the only light in the dim room.

I could feel the excitement in the room, the darkness, the mystery was intriguing for everybody. Finding seats and grabbing the best view was everyone's priority, this show was going to be a big one.

The Sass & Bide MBFWA show began

Sass & Bide worked the runway with a large amount of models, and models of different ages! Celebrating the versatility of the brand and showcasing through a range age groups was unique and a fresh sight to see. The show embraced structured, yet floaty silhouettes and pleats for a feminine feel, with structured hair and plaited ring embellishments for the true Sass & Bide edge. Dresses and skirts were heavily embellished as expected, adorned with sequins, beads and fine fringing.

The show featured the iconic shades of gold, silver black and white, but also expressed shades of peach, bright electric blue and tangerine. The colour palette and the brands signature embellishment brought the ‘Fiesta Barcelona’ show to life, showcasing what Sass & Bide have always been known for.

I really did love the show, and I feel like it’s been great for the brand to make a comeback and celebrate their Australian roots. I was excited, nervous and relieved all at the same time! Although I found the show a slightly disjointed between some elements of form. With five designers stepping out at the end of the runway, it was apparent that segments might not have flowed as well as expected.

Final review

As an overall review, I thought it was an engaging and dramatic show. The crowd enjoyed it, the turnout was huge, the designs were refreshing and the models were incredible.Also, the designs were all wearable! I find that to be something really important when showcasing such a big brand! I loved the nods to some architectural inspiration from Spanish architect Antonio Gaudi and his involvement in the Modernisme art movement.

[Invited and dressed by Sass & Bide - Attended as Official Press]