Instagram Trends: How to Wear Gingham

There's no doubt that Gingham is everywhere. It's resurfaced from my wardrobe as a 4-year-old and come back to haunt me (Thanks Mum). Fortunately, the haunting isn't going too well and I've loved styling a few Gingham pieces lately on Instagram

The first time I've seen gingham since my childhood was on the 'Gram, so officially in my mind - It's an Instagram trend. I'm not sure if I would've picked out a Gingham piece if I didn't see someone else wearing it and looking, somehow good? It's become a pattern I now love, and I'll almost happily wear anything with gingham. When I was wearing this pattern as a four-year-old, I never would have predicted that I'd be wearing it in my 20's.

Gingham has stayed with us through Summer and Autumn in Australia, so I feel like it's not going away for Winter. It's the perfect pattern to wear casually, to the office or to dress up! My favourite way to wear this bold pattern is as a statement piece. An off-shoulder top with floaty sleeves or mini skirt with a frill is the perfect way to wear it without feeling like a tablecloth. My other favourite way to style this bold look is by wearing a complete gingham patterned piece like a dress or coat.

The biggest bonus about this busy pattern is that you can't always see creases, anything I don't have to iron after washing gets a big tick from me!