Summer Scent - Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb Fragrance Review

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So, what does Flowerbomb by Viktor and Rolf smell like?

Most likely you’ve seen my Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb posts on Instagram lately, I can’t get enough of the light summery scent this season. It’s quite literally a floral explosion and definitely not that type of floral scent hanging around your nanas house. 

How long does it last? 

Flowerbomb is a luxury perfume, outlasting all of my drugstore or celebrity fragrances! I can apply this in the morning before work and still smell it at 5 pm. I would recommend reapplying it if you’re going out or to an event after work, just to make it a little stronger for the evening.

Which occasion is it suitable for?

I have loved wearing this during the day! It’s definitely a great feminine scent for the evenings but it’s so fresh and vanilla-ish for the daytime. It’s a flexible fragrance and could almost be worn for any occasion. I feel like it would be the most perfect at a daytime garden wedding or a simple evening with a loved one, drinking wine overlooking the sunset.

How about the bottle?

This is what caught my eyes first! The bottle is impeccably beautiful on my set of drawers. The geometric pear shape captures the light beautifully with a simple and minimal Flowerbomb label and small round black V&R tag. The metallic-style festive floral decoration is just beautiful, setting it apart from the usual Flowerbomb! I can spray the fragrance with the flower attached too. Light reflections and attention to detail are perfect in the design, can you tell I’m obsessed?

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Final verdict:

Top Notes: Bergamot/Mandarin citrus, plus I can smell Jasmine, Freesia and Rose quite strongly.

Other notes: Patchouli, Vanilla, Praline note, Amber, Woody notes, Sambac Jasmine, Freesia, Centifolia Rose and Osmanthus. 

(Most of these I could identify myself, I definitely had to do some googling to find the notes Praline, Centifolia Rose and Osmanthus are also in Flowerbomb!)

When I would wear it: I found that I would spritz this perfume before a Saturday with my boyfriend. We love our Saturday mornings, visiting markets, finding somewhere for brunch or heading to a calm beach for a quick swim. I wore this fragrance casually on our day-dates but also wore this on balmy summer nights.

Season it’s perfect for: Summer or Spring for sure! 

Day or night fragrance?: I love wearing this during the day, it feels summery and light. I have also worn it a little heavier on a night out for dinner.

Would I buy this as a gift?: I would buy this for a friend for a special birthday.

Would I buy this for myself?: Yes! I rarely splurge on anything but a beautiful fragrance is always worth the investment.