YSL Beauty - Vinyl Couture Mascara and Tatouage Couture Liquid Matte Lip Stain Review

I received a lovely delivery from an ongoing collaboration I’m working on with YSL Beauty this year. Each time something arrives from them, I pinch myself in disbelief. I’m only working with them through Instagram at the moment, sometimes with a mini review. I thought, it’s such a great opportunity to write about the new products on my blog too so you can read the full scope of the products and decide if you’d like to try them yourself. I find it way more informative with a blog post to explain a review rather than just a pretty image!

If you can’t already tell, I adore the YSL Beauty range. I wouldn’t agree to work with a brand that I don’t love and I don’t often review things I don’t like either. You will find beauty reviews of things that didn’t live up to their expectations or didn’t work in the way they should. Most of all, you’ll find reviews of things I’ve loved along with the why and how I used those products.

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YSL Beauty Vinyl Couture Mascara Review

Colour 01 - I’m The Clash (Black) - $57.00 AUD

My first impression is always the packaging. The mascara arrived in YSL’s classic sleek gold box with black writing. I think when anyone sees this box, they’re automatically ecstatic to see what’s inside. The actual mascara packaging is sleek, rectangle and clear where the product can be seen and finished off with a gold lid continuing the rectangle shape.

The formula is the blackest black and a wet/creamy consistency, I’ve seen it called a “Liquid Lash Colour” and describes it perfectly. Thankfully, after drying quickly, the mascara stayed as an extremely black tint. The Vinyl theme is based on the high-shine statement dark colour, I can definitely see it with the black shade! There’s a number of other colours, I normally just stick to black mascara though anyway.

I felt as though Vinyl Couture was intense in colour, great for lifting and lengthening, while being buildable for volume and thickness. I prefer length over thick lashes so this was a winner for me personally. While I was in Europe, a few of my eyelash extensions fell out and this mascara brought my normal lashes to the length of my extensions - No time for bald patches when you’re in Paris!

The Vinyl Couture Mascara stayed on all day with no smudging, flaking or a disappearing act of any kind. Always a bonus. Compared to the Too faced Better Than Sex Mascara, the YSL mascara was the stand out for me from using the two. Often we would go out for dinner with not much time to change in the hotel, I would apply the YSL mascara over my mascara already worn during the day. I wouldn’t normally do this back home but it wasn’t a problem at all! My eyes didn’t look gluggy or like spider legs. Who knew you could layer mascara like that and it actually look good! I think it must be because the formula is so lightweight and dark.


YSL Beauty Tatouage Couture Liquid Matte Lip Stain Review

Colour 01 Rouge Tatouage - Vibrant pink red - $57.00 AUD

The packaging is the same as the Vinyl Couture Mascara, except it’s red where I can see the lipstick through the slightly frosted glass packaging! It’s the classic slim rectangle shape with a luxurious gold lid. Someone just knew these two products would be incredibly photogenic.

The applicator is a flat angled shaped sponge, sturdy as if the stalk fans out underneath the sponge to create the shape (think like an eyebrow brush, slanted - slightly longer on one side!). This allows for an incredibly precise application, red lipstick can look messy very easily if you’re not careful with applying it. I always need to be precise with red because of my fair skin. Red is such a loud shade to wear on my lips!

This lipstick is like nothing I’ve ever tried before. It’s the lovechild of a liquid lipstick crossed with a lip stain and of course, it includes the best parts of both. The Matte stain is a very thin liquid formula, it’s not a lipstick! It doesn’t dry hard - it’s like satin, smooth and seamless. It’s definitely more of a satin feel, only slightly drying like a matte. Once it’s dry, there isn’t a scent which is really nice, the perfumey smell is only there when applying. It’s comfortable and weightless, I completely forgot I was wearing bright lipstick before eating a gelato and I probably ate all my lipstick too.

I wore this in Paris and throughout Italy, I can assure you that it doesn’t last on the central part of my lips when I’m eating. Especially because I was eating my body weight in pizza and pasta. Reapplying isn’t a problem though, another application isn’t ruined by the layer already there - it just looks fresh again! It also doesn’t look terrible when faded, it’s actually still beautiful to wear because of the stain element.

I feel like I could definitely wear a nude shade from this range every single day. I’ll let you know which colour I decide on!