Is the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation "Flawless"?

Makup Review: Too Faced Born This Way Foundation

The Too Faced Born This Way foundation ($57AUD and 30ml) is an oil-free foundation infused with coconut water, my shade is Nude and has neutral undertones. Too Faced is a medium to full coverage foundation, "Diffusing the line between makeup and skin". I found it to be medium coverage, and not as build-able as I expected without disturbing the layer already on my face. I find it's better coverage when putting more product on my face in the beginning. There are 18 shades available, I and I use the shade 'Nude'.

The foundation felt tacky after my original application, but I loved that it was light and breathable throughout the day. I found my imperfections and blemishes weren't completely disguised after a single layer, and two layers or just more product worked much better for my blemishes. Wearing around two layers all day, the foundation eventually sunk into my pores towards the end of the day and gathered around my smile lines and on my forehead. All layers of this foundation showed sebaceous filaments on my nose - wearing off throughout the day. Perhaps a different primer might show different results, I used the foundation with and without the Mecca Primer.

I love this foundation for shorter periods, probably maximum 6 hours. It's beautiful as a dewy look and easy to blend contouring and highlighter into. I find some foundations wipe off or build up while I'm applying other layers and the Born This Way foundation didn't do this, yay!

Moisturising and exfoliating is an important part of wearing foundation, I find that imperfections could go slightly darker where the foundation had built up on uneven skin. I applied around two and a half layers with a setting powder to create an unblemished face, lasting around 6 hours.

But how did I apply it?

Above are the products I have used along with the Too Faced Born This Way foundation, often I would wear a translucent powder to see how the foundation held up on its own. I find that a powder with coverage completed the flawless look and smoothed blemishes just a little bit more.

What about a beauty blender?

I made sure I tested a damp beauty blender with the Born This Way foundation. I found that the foundations thin consistency allowed it to disappear into the sponge. I was using much more product than needed with a brush!

I love using the 'Toothbrush' makeup brushes, I could spread the product so much more evenly while keeping my layers thin and breathable! I think the thin consistency works better with a brush for sure.

Product List:

Overall, I do like this foundation. I would choose it over any of my drugstore foundations, especially for a dewy look. When I wear this foundation it's definitely still a 'makeup look' and not as natural as I expected - Unless you have completely moisturised and exfoliated to start with!

I had a lot to say about this one, and I don't think it's cakey or suffocating to wear a few layers and it feels very lightweight. Coverage improved with more layers, and a good primer plus a setting spray always helps everything stay on a little longer!

I adore the packaging and pump bottle, it definitely stops me from wasting any of the product! I definitely wear this a few times a week, or sometimes for the entire week when I switch up my daily makeup routine.

This post is NOT sponsored and none of the items above are gifted - This is an honest review about a purchase I personally made.