Autumn Makeup with the Nude by Nature Autumn Collection

Nude by Nature Autumn Collection

A new season calls for new makeup! Bronzed Autumn shades and warm eyeshadows are my favourite all year round because, let’s be honest - I wear a warm eyeshadow look every chance I get!

I’ve been using Nude by Nature’s Autumn Collection over the last few weeks and I’m so in love with the colour palette, the pigmentation and the finish of the collection. The essentials are all included as full-sized products with a faux leather pouch to hold the brushes, and it fits the makeup too! It’s still available here for $99.95 (or $24.99 per fortnight with Afterpay!) instead of $235.55. That’s how much it would cost for the products separately! 

What I love about the collection is that it’s available in 8 shades, not just the general light shades! Make sure you select the right shade before checking out, the foundation and concealer shades change in the kit to suit your complexion while eyeshadows etc stay the same shades. 

Nude by Nature Review

What's inside the Autumn Collection

Natural Mineral Cover - Light $39.95

The loose mineral powder is a foundation that creates a sheer coverage but can be build up for a fuller coverage. I use this to set liquid foundation and create a healthy satin finish. I love that this includes SPF 15, most of my face based products do.

The powder always feels light on my skin and doesn’t seem to get oily very often and it doesn’t flake or fall off during the day. I have only noticed that I need to retouch on a humid day or when I’ve been exercising a lot! 

Covering redness and pigmentation is a big deal for me. I always look for this in my foundations and the Natural Mineral Cover is my best friend for this! I can conceal my pores and any sebaceous filaments while reducing the redness of any spots or uneven skin tones. The powder doesn’t sit very well on my dry areas around spots BUT remember that my dry skin is extremely dry. The powder sits well on dry areas only with moisturiser and a primer too. 


Flawless Concealer -02 Porcelain Beige $24.95

I’ve been using this so much, way more than I should! My dark circles have seriously come out in the last two weeks, I need to get to bed earlier!

Nude by Nature Autumn x Izzy Smith-5.jpg

The natural pigments help me to blend the concealer flawlessly into my foundation and it looks realistic when I’m only wearing minimal makeup too! I apply the concealer first with the stick as it’s a very creamy formula, allowing it to blend quickly and easily with my fingers. It can feel slightly oily as it provides a satin finish - not as matte as I would expect. I can apply two layers of it without looking unnatural or cakey in my fine lines. I wouldn’t really be applying any more than one to two layers of concealer anyway. It’s been hydrating on the dryer areas around breakouts and my nose which is amazing! The more hydrated those areas are, the less concealer I need to use so it’s a win-win! 

There’s a bunch of great ingredients in this concealer, some of them I had to google and find out about because I’ve never heard of them before. My journey into using mineral makeup has begun! Ingredients include: 

  • Bamboo Powder - Minimising the appearance of pores
  • Baobab Fruit Extract - For skin softening and Vitamin C
  • Kakadu Plum - Antioxidant, anti-ageing properties and Vitamin C
  • Quandong - Skin brightening and renewal
  • Desert Lime - Antioxidants and skin hydration


Airbrush Mineral Primer $29.95

Something important to remember when using a primer is to match it with your foundation. This primer is silicone-free, so using an water based foundation will most likely wear well with this and show the best finish. I always use a primer to make the most of my makeup. Without a doubt, it makes my foundation last longer and the general surface of my skin looks better. 

Nude by Nature Autumn x Izzy Smith-11.jpg

I often wear moisturiser and then apply a primer on top but lately just the Airbrush Mineral Primer has felt like applying a moisturiser and I have only been wearing this. The zesty smell is refreshing and so nice to apply in the morning.

Throughout the day I feel like it helps my foundation feel weightless. I wear the Estee Lauder Double Wear, a heavy full coverage foundation and it can be very drying and thick. I think this primer is the perfect fit for it!

Throughout a day in the office my face can look a little dewy the closer I get to 5pm, I expect this from all foundations, primers and powders though! I don’t mind the dewy look because it can look quite natural although I will apply a layer of powder to mattify it if I’m heading to an event after work.


Touch of Glow Highlight Stick - Champagne $24.95

This highlighter is a beautiful and soft natural looking highlight. I really loved how well it blends into my foundation and the subtle glow when the light hits the high points of my face. I’m always careful not to blend it too much to not loose the sheen! 

I am always a culprit for using highlighter on the inner corners of my eyes and I love this on a natural-look day on my eyes and under my brow arch. 

Made with Desert Lime, Kakadu Plum, Quandong, Vitamin E and Carnauba Wax. 


Nude by Nature Autumn x Izzy Smith-8.jpg

Essential Collection 7 piece Brush Set and faux leather bag $39.95

Who doesn’t need new brushes? I love collecting soft and easy to blend brushes, especially for eyeshadow. 

There are 7 rose gold make-up brushes included in the collection, kept inside of a black faux leather case with a rose gold zip. They’re a great set for starting out or if you’re experienced with your makeup application. The brushes are all so soft and they feel amazing. Officially the most aesthetically pleasing brushes I’ve ever owned!

The brushes included:

  • Kabuki Brush - Always a favourite!
  • Powder Brush - I used this to apply the Natural Mineral Cover powder
  • Concealer Brush - I sometimes use this for a defined application around problem areas
  • Eye shadow brush - Seriously so soft
  • Eye blending brush
  • Eye definer Brush
  • Lip Brush - This is my newfound love! I can create an exact lip line with lipstick and I don’t always need to wear a lip liner


Allure Defining Mascara – 01 Black $27.95

Mascara has always been my favourite beauty product until I started getting eyelash extensions - now I am so obsessed with eyeshadow! I still wear mascara once my extensions fall out before I have a new set applied. It’s a big change to go from extensions to my natural lashes, so creating long lashes with mascara is always a priority for me. 


The Allure Defining mascara has been so good for these moments, it lengthens my lashes and separates them at the same time creating a natural look. I prefer this effect rather than creating volume with thick lashes. 

The mascara didn’t flake off or smudge during the day, although I never ever touch my eyes! It was so easy to remove with my Sukin foaming facial cleanser after work or even with water or micellar water and a cotton pad. 

The soft formula is made with Candelilla Wax and Arabic Gum.


Loose eyeshadow - 02 Coral Sand $22.95

A loose eyeshadow is so fun to play with! The Coral Sand shade is beautiful, so pigmented and I will definitely wear this all year round. 

I use the applicator bush to dab the product on the back of my hand or directly onto my eyelid where I’ll take an eyeshadow brush and use it to apply the shadow fully and for blending. I have used a rosewater spray on an eyeshadow brush before applying and it creates a thicker and brighter coverage than blending dry. It is just stunning I can’t even describe it in words.

The sheen is luminous and angelic, I will probably use this as an extreme highlighter for a festival to be honest. 

It’s made with Kaolin Clay to allow extended wear for the intense shade, it always lasts all evening! 


Pressed Eyeshadow - 07 Sunset

I adore this shadow colour and I have loved creating so many eye looks with it! I found that it’s beautiful just on it’s own as a single colour or blended with similar shades to create a deeper, more dramatic look. 

The pigment comes off onto the brush easily but I didn’t find it as smooth to apply as I expected but with a fair amount of blending I could create a smooth and seamless look. 

The packaging is the sweetest though, a small compact with a mirror included. Perfect for touch ups during the day or on a night out. 

Made with Desert Lime, Kakadu Plum, Sandalwood Kernel Oil, Sweet Almond Oil (so good for moisturising and softening skin!) and Quandong.


Contour eye pencil - 02 Brown

I normally wear a black winged eyeliner but I’ve enjoyed the long weekend creating a more natural look with this eye pencil. It’s a very pigmented brown and can be worn either dark or light, a sharp wing or blended for a softer look with the sponge on the end of the pencil. 

I prefer wearing it blended lightly. Blending it too much can make the product look slightly too light. Blending it lighter works well on my lower lid for a more dramatic evening look. I haven’t tried wearing it in my waterline, I feel like this makes my eyes look so much smaller!

Made with Candelilla wax, Vitamin E, Macadamia oil, Mango seed oil and Meadowfoam seed oil.


About Nude by Nature

If you missed my last post about the Nude by Nature, I reviewed the Valentines Gift Set here. If you’re new to Nude by Nature, here’s a bit more info on the brand and what they’re all about. 

The natural makeup formulas have a beautiful finish without “unnecessary chemicals, synthetic ingredients or preservatives often found in cosmetics”. They’re an Australian brand making a difference in our lives with more conscious decisions for our health, the environment and our general lifestyle. Some main ingredients include Kakadu Plum, Vitamin C, Lilly Pilly and Cehami, all sourced from the Australian environment. 

  • All products are naturally derived 
  • Cruelty free and PETA-certified
  • Natural Mineral Cover is an award winning product for ___ (and is included in this pack!)
  • Australia’s No.1 Mineral Make-up Brand – Source: Aztec Data 2017
  • Products don’t contain Silicone, Siloxanes, Phthalates, Sulphates, PEGS, Triclosan, Phenoxyethanol or Parabens, and do not contain Carmine, Talc or Bismuth Oxychloride.

*Products have been sent to me in exchange for a review or payment. All products are used and tested over a period of time to see how it reacts to multiple circumstances. All opinions and reviews are honest and my own. Brands understand and acknowledge that I will always express my true, honest opinion and experience when agreeing to send products for review.

I am not a trained professional, please test the products or ask for professional advice in store.