Mario Badescu Review - Rosewater Facial Spray and Acne Wash

Mario Badescu facial spray is going crazy online and in Mecca stores at the moment in Australia. If you haven’t seen the hype the most loved product at the moment, it’s the lengthy named and prettily packaged Facial Spray With Aloe, Herbs & Rosewater.

I was looking at the Mario Badescu products online to see the range, information, reviews and of course the pricing before I committed to purchasing anything. I knew I wanted to try this brand so I had to have a look for myself and see what the hype was about. 

Mario Badescu Review

A bottle of the Rosewater Facial Spray sells once every 20 seconds at the moment according to Mecca. That’s a crazy number of bottles and a lot of hydrated skin! I’ve read that the sales might have something to do with Kylie Jenner confessing her love for it on social media? I haven’t seen her talking about the products but even before I knew about her involvement, I already decided I had to try it even though I’ve been super skeptical about a water spray.

The Facial Spray With Aloe, Herbs & Rosewater $9.00 (118ml)

The Facial Spray With Aloe, Herbs & Rosewater is only $9 AUD. It almost makes me want to leave Mecca with a handful of the bottles. I’ve been using it at night with clean skin, in the morning before makeup application and at the end of the day when my makeup is looking a little tired from a day at the office or running errands. 

How it worked for me:

I love spraying this after removing makeup and cleansing my face after a day of work. I also apply it right before bed and just before applying makeup in the morning. I’ve seriously been spraying it at every opportunity possible. 


“Revitalizes with dewy radiance. Boosts moisture and glow.” - Mecca 

The Mario Badescu website claims that the spray will “Revive dehydrated skin anytime, anywhere” and “soothe and re-energize skin—giving it a healthy, radiant glow.”

The spray did make my skin look dewy after spraying, additionally this would be the “glow” too. Although the dewy effect doesn’t last, it does feel very refreshing and is nice at the end of a warm work day. My skin is supple and hydrated, although I still have small dry patches around healing blemishes.

I have used it to set my makeup and I think it did an alright job.. The lasting power isn’t long enough for a day at work but perfect for a dinner or simple evening out. It’s not heavy, tacky or hardening like the Urban Decay setting sprays (I feel like they go slightly hard when they set?). 

Overall, I’m not sure yet on how moisturising it is, but I am really enjoying the refreshing spray whenever I need it. 



The fragrant extracts smell fresh and are a bit of a ‘pick me up’  in addition to rosewater and aloe, it contains gardenia and thyme which all work together in harmony to give your complexion a big, bright boost of hydration.

Acne Face Wash $22.00

I used this for two weeks straight after buying it, following up with the hyaluronic acid each time and my skin was clear with only a random spot here and there. 

I stopped using this combo for about a week - I got lazy, wasn’t staying at home and just generally forgot to use it and my skin broke out like crazy on both cheeks! I waited for my breakout to recover and used essential oils, washed my makeup off as soon as I could everyday but it actually was taking quite a long time to heal. It was taking over a week? I started using the face wash again three days ago and it has already healed up so much more than when I wasn’t using the wash. It leads me to think that the wash has anti bacterial factors and kept my face clean for the healing process to actually happen. 

I am never forgetting to use this again! Adding this to my nightly routine as of now.

It’s a wash I use after my shower or at the very end of my shower to just lather on my face with warm water and rinse off. Sometimes is stings just slightly but it isn’t uncomfortable or painful. My skin always feels clean and smooth afterwards. 

Hyaluronic Acid $44.00

I’ve heard so many good things about Hyaluronic Acid. I’ve recently been used one by The Ordinary and I have seen quickly visible results on my nose where it has reduced the size of sebaceous filaments. So this Hyaluronic Acid has a lot to live up to! 

I have been applying this after theMario Badescu Acne Face Wash every night. I haven’t seen a huge difference in my skin since using this, I’ve actually noticed dry areas getting dryer? I had really high hopes for this and it just hasn’t met any expectations just yet. I will update this blog post if I see any long-term improvements!

*I purchased these products with a gift card sent by MECCA Cosmetica. All skincare products are used and tested over two or more weeks for results to show. All opinions and reviews are honest and my own. Brands understand and acknowledge that I will always express my true, honest opinion and experience when agreeing to send products for review.

I am not a trained professional, please test the products or ask for professional advice in store.