How To Style a Bright Coat for Winter

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Styling a Red Jacket

In Australia we’re so close to the beginning of Winter! It’s the start of April and I’m already feeling the chill, especially early mornings. I’ve been fine with my blazers on cooler days and even strapless dresses in the evenings but now it’s really starting to get chilly. It’s time to break out the coats and bring in the warm jackets, Winter isn’t budging anytime soon. I always wear black, grey and camel coats throughout Winter but I’m going to try and change it up this time! This is how to style a bright jacket for Winter. 

The black or camel coats always look so good, matching with every outfit and always a safe option. Neutrals are where I feel so comfortable that I begin to get lazy, wearing the same coat and jeans all week hoping no one notices. 

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A bright coat or jacket can take your outfit from everyday to looking like you’ve just stepped out of a bloggers street style  photoshoot. I kid you not, I always feel so sassy when I wear a coloured jacket! 

I picked up this faux-suede moto jacket from Elabelz, a new online shopping app and I have been in love with it since I opened the delivery box. It’s red faux suede, edging on a Burgundy shade so it’s not terribly bright but enough to wear as a statement piece.

Wear it with a monochrome outfit

Bright colours can be scary to wear so I often style them with a monochrome outfit. Some think it’s boring to wear colours with black, white or grey but when I wear it, I feel like I’m taking a risk! Introducing brights into monochrome outfits is a really great way to comfortably start wearing new colours and bright shades in your wardrobe, especially in Autumn. If you’re reading this in the Northern Hemisphere, you can definitely still do this with your spring outfits! I would stick to colours that aren’t as harsh as a deep red though.

Red is still very much the colour to wear. I wrote a blog post at the begging of last year about it being the ‘it’ colour of 2017 and it’s stuck around for 2018 too. Would you wear the bright red colour trend?

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Posted in collaboration with Elabelz